Lego Lamp

Anyone have a Lego loving child at home?  My son is obsessed with Legos and I think he got like 13,254,757 pieces for Christmas. In fact his 6th birthday party was a Lego Ninjago party.  So he would flip over this Lego lamp that Carmel, one my newest contributors, made.  So give her a big IC welcome.

Hello!  Happy January Infarrantly Creative Readers!  I’m so thrilled to be a new contributor over here!  I am Carmel, from Our Fifth House.

Are you all cleaning, decluttering, organizing, and just generally purging “stuff” from your home right now?  I do this every few months, but in January I always feel the need to do a little extra.  Inevitably for me, purging almost always turns into unplanned crafting.  There is something about getting rid of the old that makes me pause and think, “Hmm… I really want to let this go?”  Surely, I can find a home for it somewhere!  Surely, I can do something with – insert said item that is about to head to Goodwill.  Don’t worry, I’m not a hoarder; and I do get rid of stuff sometimes.

But sometimes purging turns into crafting, and the end result is a new found love for a once unused item.

Lego Lamp

My 8 year old son now has a “new” desk lamp.  And in his words, “It’s the most awesome lamp ever!” He already had a desk lamp, but it wasn’t really giving him enough light.  So I was planning to buy him a new one.  While I was cleaning out a storage closet I realized that I already had a lamp that would be the perfect size for his desk.

lego lamp room decor

There’s nothing wrong with this old Target lamp (purchased almost 10 years ago).  It lived on my hubs desk until his office got a little makeover last year.  Then it sat in the storage closet because I just couldn’t figure out where it should go.  I brought it up to my boy’s room while he was up there creating chaos with his Legos playing with his Legos, and all of a sudden the wheels started to turn.

lego room decor

The lamp as it was, while the right size, was a little boring for an 8 year old boy’s room.  I thought about spray painting, covering it with fabric, and then ouch! – I stepped on a pile of Legos.  Clearly it was destiny.

So I recruited my son to help me give this lamp a makeover with Legos – a “Legover” if you will.  He was happy to help.  And the added bonus was using up some of the Legos that were no in longer sets.

This was the easiest project.  First we laid the Legos down without gluing to figure out the placement,

lego room ideas

and then once we liked the pattern, we started gluing.

lego craft

Liquid Fusion glue (you can find it at Hobby Lobby and Walmart) worked like a charm.  I used the end of a paint brush to apply glue to the back of each piece and then laid them down on the wood base.  We let each side dry (about 30 minutes) before moving on to the next.  It was a fun Saturday afternoon project for us to work on together.  When it was done, I robbed the lampshade from the guest bedroom.  But of course I had to personalize it with his initials!  I grabbed some alphabet stencils, a sponge brush, and red fabric paint.

And now he has a totally fun and unique lamp for his desk that is better than anything we could have bought.

DIY lego lamp

And yes, just like a Lego table you can build directly on it – you know in case you want to make a perch for your rubber snake.  It’s so fun to be 8!

lego decor

Does purging turn into crafting in your house too?


  1. els manning says

    That is awesome. my 11 yr. old daughter (6th grade) is (again) totally into her legos. It’s such a good product. Love the lamp idea! Good job team!

  2. Carmel, that is so cute. How smart are you and congrats on being a new contributor.

  3. Such a cute idea!

  4. Just darling. Added to my list of garage sale, goodwill store finds…a lamp base.

  5. What a great idea for all those spare legos. I love this! xo Kristin

  6. Such an adorable idea! Definitely bookmarking this one!!

  7. Super clever Carmel! My son is 6 and would love this 🙂 He is all about legos these days. Great idea!

  8. Oh my gosh Carmel- that is genius! My son would love it too. You are so creative!! And congrats on your new gig! Very cool! 🙂

  9. How awesome! My grandson, who will be 7 next month, has been a Lego maniac for s long as I can remember. He has multitudes of sets. He would love this lamp. The best part is the time you spent with your son & the memories created for the both of you! Warms my heart!

  10. Very cute & clever! Congrats on being a new contributor, Carmel. And congrats on snagging her, Beckie! 🙂

  11. MorMor aka BarbT says

    This is absolute perfect inspiration. However I am certain U would have preferred to have not stepped on the Legos. Now my big decision is do I simply pass this on to my son so he can create with his son or do I save the idea for a time when my grandson and I are together or should I make it myself and present it as a birthday gift. Such big decisions for a marvelous idea. Thank U for sharing.

  12. That is very cool. I bet he loves it

  13. Love this idea! New Twitter follower too!

  14. Man! I just got rid of a matching pair of these EXACT same lamps at my last yard sale!

  15. This is awesome. Unfortunately, I will have to secretly BUY even more Legos, because I know my son will not part with a single one, even though he has thousands. He loves them ALL.

  16. Okay, I am seriously making this for my boyfriend (yes, he’s almost 30 and he still loves his Legos!) for Valentine’s Day. This is perfect!


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