Legends of Oz Free Printable Toppers

I have been a lover of all things Oz since I was a child.  The magical world of Oz and the adventure of a young girl on a journey home with some characters who need a little encouragement to be brave, strong and wise sucked me in well over 50 times.  Did you see that this Friday, May 9th an animated “Legends of Oz: Dorothy Returns” comes to theaters nationwide? The film is a 3D-animated musical based on the adventure books by Roger Stanton Baum, the great-grandson of L. Frank Baum. While there are many of the original characters in it, there are a few more loveable ones to add to the cast.  Click here to watch the trailer.  I created some free printable toppers inspired by this new family film.

legends of oz printable topper

In celebration of this new movie coming out I took some of the images from the movie and made them into a free printable topper sheet for you.  You can use them on cupcakes, treat bags, straws or even make wands out of them.  Like the Thanksgiving and Valentine’s day toppers I did, I added mine to the top of skinny mini M&M bags.


Glue dots

Fiskars Scalloped punch

1” x 8” bags (I bought mine on Ebay -just search “1” x 8” bags”)


Legends of Oz printable toppers

Optional: Pail and rice to style them in

1.  Start by printing the Legends of Oz printable in full color. legends of oz characters 2.  Use the scalloped punch or scissors to cut the images out. legends of oz movie 3.  Fill each bag with M&M’s in rainbow order.

“There will always be a rainbow when you need one most” 

– Dorothy, Legends of Oz

 Use a glue dot to secure. M&M bag topper rainbow legends of oz 4.  Next add your images with a glue dot and then style in a pail. legends of oz dorothys return movie

Tip: Use rice to hold them in place the way you like it.

Legends of oz dorothys return

For more information about Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return:

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Disclaimer:  This was a compensated post to help promote the new movie, Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return.  All ideas and opinions are mine.

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