Large Craft Table

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments about my paint shelf with hidden door and my wall mount ironing board. Let’s move on, shall we? I am excited to show you my next project which is my studio craft table.  Let’s be honest, this thing is large, coming in at nearly 40 square feet.  I think I shall call it my craft island.

large craft table

how to diy craft table
Before I get started on showing you how I made my huge craft table here are a few options you can purchase if you don’t want to spend the time building it yourself.  There are some great options here that can give you a similar look.

10 craft tables


I wanted a project area as large as possible while still being able to have plenty of room to access the cabinets as well as a decent walkway.  I had huge dreams of building drawers but after building my studio cabinets I opted for simple and utilized baskets and open shelves instead.  I tweaked Ana White’s Modern craft table plan to make three oversized bases with a laminate countertop.

On Ana’s plan there was 3 sets of cubbies on one side.  I tweaked her plan to include the same set of cubbies on the other side so it was symmetrical.  That allowed each of my bases to measure 50 1/2” wide instead of 38”.  I made three bases and spaced them evenly apart and then added the laminate countertop.

I used my Kreg Jig to build the whole thing – which makes is sooooo much easier to build.

craft island

For each base I cut 2 (1” x 12”) pieces at 32” and two to 49 1/8” and four 34 1/4”. I made pocketholes and attached the shelves to the sides.  Then I added my long 49 1/8” piece onto the top. Next I added the sides, then I added the bottom.

building a craft table

craft table DIY

building a craft table

Lastly I added two shelves on both sides of the cubbies and added face frames to everything.  Then I patched, sanded, primed and painted them Liquid Jade by Valspar.

craft workspace

Since I made three bases I could have made the table bigger or smaller by making the space between the bases longer or shorter.  I opted for 36” between each base.  I only bought four bar stools but my kiddos love to sit together and craft so that way I can move two stools and fit them in one of the spots so they are right next to each other.

craft table

Next up was finding a table top surface.  I opted for a white laminate top. I hope I don’t regret the decision of going white. The reason I decided to go white was so when I take all of my pictures it would be on a nice white background. The challenge, obviously, is trying to keep it clean. So far, so good, but it definitely takes more upkeep to stay clean than a darker surface.  I have a roll of paper towels, magic erasers, and some Shaklee cleaner on hand at all times.

The laminate was oversized (did you know you can get it in 5’ x 12’ sheets???) so a friend of mine who specializes in working with laminate fabricated it for me. He cut strips of plywood for the countertop to rest on and then we lugged (Holy crap it is heavy!) the laminate piece upstairs and it set perfectly on top.  Then the top was screwed onto the plywood pieces from underneath.

installing laminate countertop

craft work table

Total cost of supplies for the craft island was $407.35.

But in the end I splurged and bought these barstools.  It was late at night.  I was near the end of my DIY capacity and still under budget and I was tired. But I do love them and they were exactly what I was looking for and I was done DIYing.

I grabbed a bunch of the Byholma Baskets from IKEA ($7.99) as well as some glass jars that I had in my previous studio to organize.

IKEA Byholma basketscraft room organization

On the kids side of the table I opted for Dollar Tree baskets and old pencil boxes from my days as a teacher.  {giggle}

craft room storage

Many of you are thinking… How do you utilize that middle base?  Aren’t those shelves under the table?  Do you really crawl under there to get your stuff?  Nope.  That is the kids shelves and they think it is the coolest thing ever to crawl under the table to grab their coloring or construction paper.  In fact, I have found my son under there reading. HA!

middle base for craft table

The kids and I have already spent lots of time up here together creating, which helps me accomplish one of my goals of creating with my kiddos.

big craft table

craft table put to use

craft room table plans

I love it, I love it, I love it?  So who wants to come over for a ladies craft night?