Lamp Refabulous

I got this beauty at a yard sale for $5. There were a few things wrong with it. Can you find them?

1. It was ugly
2. It was brass – which made it ugly.
3. The shade was awful and too big- which made it ugly.
4. The lamp harp was ginormous and raised the shade too high exposing the switch – which made it ugly.

However, it had some major potential. So I busted the lamp apart. That was the fun part! In the process I learned how to wire a lamp. Bonus! I cleaned all the pieces and sprayed the brass parts with a nice silver nickel spray paint.

Then I took some Bright Red craft paint and drizzled it along the insides of the glass balls and let the excess run out the bottom.After dry, I wiped them all down with some Windex.

Doesn’t it look neato?

I found a $3 shade at Old Time Pottery that went well with my decor and the shape of the lamp. Can you believe it is the same lamp?