La-Z-Boy Design Dash Event Part 1

If you follow me on any of my social media channels, (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) you may have seen me posting like crazy a few weeks ago when I attended a really amazing event with La-Z-Boy in North Carolina.  It was such a crazy fun experience that I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in. 


They flew 10 bloggers down to North Carolina to design a room around one of their custom sofas. The above picture is all the bloggers, LZB designers and the hostess of the event, Kelly Edwards (HGTV “Design on a Dime” alumni and Style Networks “Tacky Houses”).


Come sit on my sofa Kelly!


So before I arrived in North Carolina, I went to my local La-Z-Boy showroom and picked out my fabric and sofa design.  I decided I wanted lots of bold color in this room and ended up with the Demi sofa with Geo Damak fabric in Juniper.  I loved the geometric tone-on-tone fabric with the soft curve of the sofa.  Crazy, right?  When I saw it in my room all by its lonesome I was like “dang what was I thinking”?” But I had a vision!


Meanwhile La-Z-Boy was designing my sofa and painted a room the color of my choice in Kreber Photo studio.  When I arrived to Greensboro, besides staying in an amazing hotel called “The Proximity” and eating some very yummy food, my sofa was waiting for me.


So you may not know this, but twice a year there is a HUGE event in the furniture and design biz called High Point Market, The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 people to High Point every six months. Amazing, huh?  So as part of the fall market we got to “shop” the La-Z-Boy show floor to design our room – Supermarket Sweep style.


Literally we had a shopping cart and a bunch of stickers to “tag” our items which then made their way to our photo studio bay the next day.  And let me tell you, it was mayhem.  Literally we are running through their design floor (2 floors worth) trying to find all sorts of items to fill our room. 


Okay before I continue I have to tell you about my soul sister Tia.  Each of us were assigned a La-Z-Boy designer.  Tia’s job for LZB is that she is a designer.  She goes to people’s houses or does design consults in store to help you acheive your dream room.  And she is phenomenal at her job.  If you need design help and you live in Anapolis, MD you have to visit Tia at the LZB store there.  As awesome as the other 4 designers were I scored when I got Tia.  We had very similar tastes and we were besties even before the event – texting each other pictures of our outfits.  #truestory


So Tia and I are running like mad women through the LZB floor trying to design a room and get all the things we need for our room.  Now I will say I had a definite advantage since Tia had been through the market the week before and knew where stuff was.  Shhhhh… don’t tell anyone.

Tired but jazzed we left High Point in preparation for an amazing experience the next day.


To be continued…