Kitchen Drawer Organization

I love a “great idea!” I am obsessed with tips and tricks that will make my life easier, more comfortable, less work, and happier! I never watch the Today Show.  But for some reason it was left on and I happen to catch their famous guest…Martha Stewart . 

She was giving a little advice on kitchen organization by sharing her 50 tips for improving your cooking space.  I did not catch the whole segment but one that jumped out at me and gave me that “DUH!” moment was the way she suggested you organize your kitchen towels.


“You can’t have enough soft, absorbent white cloths,” Martha says. “They should be neatly folded and stacked for easy access.”

My rags were gross and needed an upgrade…IMG_0669 I love microfiber cloths.  They are great at cleaning up spills, dusting, polishing, wiping down counters, degreasing kitchen chairs and cabinets, and wiping grubby 4 and 1 year-old fingers and hands.

At Home Depot they have a 24 pack of Quickie microfiber cloths for $9.98!  That is like a quarter a cloth.  PHENOMENAL DEAL!

IMG_0667 The next step is to fold them and then roll them all up and place them in the drawer.  I could have never fit 24 cloths in this drawer unless I rolled them this way.  DUH!!!! Thanks Martha! Mad love to you!

I fit 24 microfiber cloths, two glass/window cleaner cloths and 4 bar mop rags in the drawer with a smidgen of space left over.  Brilliant! When I open the drawer it makes me smile…really big!IMG_0670One thing to keep in mind with microfiber cloths is not to use fabric softener in the washing machine when cleaning them.  Also hang them dry.  They keep their ability to trap in dirt if you do that.

So go rip apart “that drawer” and make it all neat and organized.  It takes an extra second to roll them up this way but it is way worth it!