Karran Sink

I got the insanely awesome privilege of traveling down to Vincennes, Indiana to the Karran Sink headquarters to learn the process of installing undermount sinks into laminate.  Did you know that is possible?? After doing a truckload of research I decided months ago that I wanted to upgrade my current builder’s basic laminate with something new and install an undermount sink.  The only option that seemed viable and able to withstand wear and tear was the process that Karran uses to install their sinks.  They have a patented sink product that allows you to get a seamless sink to laminate install…and it is awesome!

karran undermount sink in laminate

I chose Formica FX 180 in Soapstone Sequoia.  It looks like a faux slate.  It is grey with white veining going through it.  You can buy it for about $13 a sq. ft at Lowes.  I haven’t checked elsewhere but you might be able to find a better deal.

So they first used this kick awesome saw to cut the laminate to my counter’s specifications.
countertop saw

Then from the underneath of the laminate they attached a template and routered out the particle board in order to the put the sink in.

routing undermount sink

They routed out all the wood until they could see some of the brown of the laminate peaking through.  It was a rather dusty process (me sans makeup…but for some reason I found earrings necessary???)

eye protection

Then they used some special solution to remove the 1/8” wood layer left behind.
installing undermount sink in formica

They used a special glue to adhere the sink to the underside of the laminate.

karran undermount sink

Then they installed the sink and we had to wait about 45 minutes for the glue to dry.  I was dying at this point.  I was so excited to see it flipped over and routed out.

undermount sink in formica

After it was all dry he put some silicone around the edge to seal it and then added some more wood to give it extra stability.

installing undermount sink

Then he drilled out the countertop part and routed the edge where the countertop meets the sink.  Squuuealll! There it is!

karran sink

Then he drilled holes for my faucet and soap dispenser.

undermount sink in formica countertop

Then he attached the countertop together and filled the seam with some seam fill stuff.

seam filling miter of countertop

Then we strapped my new countertop in and I made the trek home.  We got back and screwed the countertop back in place and reinstalled the plumbing.

karran sink undermount


I can’t tell you how I much I love my countertop and undermount sink.  It is so nice just to wipe right into the sink without having to deal with the lip of a drop in sink.  It is a lot more sanitary as well.  After we took my old sink out you would not believe how nasty it smelled around that caulked edge where dirt and grime get stuck.


For those of you, who like me don’t live in a neighborhood where granite or a hard surface makes sense in the long run, this a beautiful way to get a similar look.

So how much does it cost?  Well the Formica is the same price so you can’t factor that in.  A regular stainless steel double bowl drop in sink costs around $100 – $150.  For a Karran sink with install it is about $450-$500.  So you are looking at an extra $350-400 or so to have an undermount sink option.  So yes it is definitely an upgrade but not anywhere near how much you would pay for granite, marble or solid surface.

If you are interested in this as an option here is a list of retailers in your area.

Tomorrow I will show you my new subway tile backsplash.  My kitchen looks so different now.


Disclaimer:  I received the sink and the countertop in exchange for this post. As always, my opinions are always my own.