Just Another Day in Paradise

So I woke up this morning with an insatiable desire to paint. I know, it is totally odd. I must have started nesting. All of the gals who painted with me last week are shaking their heads as they read this and they are afraid of another email which will beg them to bail me out. Yes it was less than 6 days ago when I spent two days painting Isaac’s bunk bed. I am sick in the head, I know.

Well Isaac slept until 9:30, which was a bonus, or so I thought. I got a shower, ate breakfast and relaxed for a while. When he woke up I went to get him and he fell asleep in my arms. I knew that could not be good. He was whiny all morning and just wasn’t himself. He had about half a bowl of oatmeal and juice. We watched a few shows and he was just exhausted. He got a burst of energy and so we played a board game (in a 2 year-old kinda way). Daddy came home for lunch and Isaac was excited. I don’t think Tim believed me when I said he wasn’t feeling good because he was ready to play when he saw Daddy. Fast forward 15 minutes. . . Isaac started whining and then BARFED TWICE ALLLLLL OVER TIM. It was more vomit than I have seen in a LONG TIME! Luckily it was only oatmeal and ALOT of juice. I am assuming Tim won’t be coming home for lunch for a while now. LOL!

So we put him in the bath and Tim went to take a shower (I guess just changing his clothes wasn’t enough for him). He seemed content in the bath. Then I went in the other room to grab the towel and he says “Mom I pooooooooped.” GREEEEEEAT! So I rushed in, got him out of the tub, disinfected the tub, changed him and continued on our day.

I called by OB to cancel my appointment for today. I know she thinks I am a total deadbeat. I have had to cancel so many appointments due to unforeseen events, my poor planning, and my half-functioning pregnant brain. Seriously, I haven’t seen her since I was 20 weeks!

I also figured out that Isaac locked the keys in the car, so I am stuck in the house all day even if I wanted to leave.

Now it is naptime (mommy has been waiting for this moment all day). I am changing his big boy underwear to put a diaper on him (we haven’t perfected that skill yet) and he pees all over me, himself, the carpet and the new diaper. So I change that diaper, clean him up, clean the carpet and OOOPS! I knew I forgot something…I guess I should wash my hands now huh?


Just kidding people! Geesh…oh and I just found out hubby works late tonight. AWESOME!