Jewelry Organizer–{Roadkill Rescue}

Yesterday I showed you my crib curbside find that I made into a subway art scripture sign.  Then I teased you with the glass knob on it, pulling you in, hoping you’d come back today to see WHAT IS BEHIND DOOR #1!. I decided to make a jewelry organizer with the crib as the door. Yes it is big but it serves two purposes — art and storage.  My favorite combination, and I can’t tell you how much I adore it!

jewelry organizer (17)

So this where I left you yesterday…with the crib side all painted and stenciled with a scripture verse.  Next I built the jewelry organizer frame behind it.  Here is how I did it.

jewelry organizer (8)



old crib side

(2) 1 x 4’s

1/4” luan cut to fit the back of your frame

1/2” x 2’s poplar (I used six 3’ pieces)

air brad nailer

air paint sprayer

wood glue

3/4” cup hooks (I used 67 of them)

electric drill

drill bits


paint & supplies (I used Sun Safari by Dutch Boy)

30” continuous hinge (AKA “a piano hinge”)

pencil for marking

magnetic catch

mollies for hanging it in place


1. I measured my crib piece and decided I wanted the frame to be the same size which was 30 1/2” wide by 31” tall.  So I cut two 1 x 4’s to 31” and two of them 29”.  I made sure the smaller ends were butt up to the longer edges so you couldn’t see the butt (from the side) when hung.  I used wood glue to secure the frame in place and then I tacked it with 1 3/4” brad nails.

jewelry organizer (2)

2.  Next I measured the back and had Home Depot cut a piece of 1/4” luan plywood down to 30 1/4” x 30 3/4”.  Then I wood glued and tacked that onto the back of the frame with 1” brad nails.

jewelry organizer (1)

3.  Now the next part is going to be based on your jewelry.  I started from the bottom and wanted to allow two rows for bracelets.  I cut two 1/2” x 2”s the length of the inside of the frame spacing them 4” apart from one another. Then I cut four pieces lengthwise for my necklaces spacing them 3” apart from the other and one 5” apart from the other.  Then I predrilled all the holes for the cup hooks varying the distance between them according to my jewelry.


jewelry organizer (3)

4.  Then I primed and spray painted (with my air paint sprayer) all the pieces Sun Safari by Dutch Boy.



I laid all the pieces out to make sure it all fit right.


5.  I screwed all the cup hooks back in first then I used Gorilla wood glue and my air brad nailer and tacked the dividers together.


Then I attached the dividers and the bottom bracelet divider onto the sides and top of the frame with 1 1/4” brad nails.

6.  I used cup hooks and some metal cable chain (Brand: Blue Moon Medium Cable) to attached three lengths of chain from the inset of the crib door with cup hooks (predrill the holes first).  This is where I will hang all of my earrings.

jewelry organizer (12)

7. Then I laid out the crib door and the frame (predrilled the holes) for the piano hinge and screwed it in place.

jewelry organizer (13)

jewelry organizer (15)

8.  Next I screwed some mollies into the drywall and attached it to the wall.  I definitely needed my husband for this part as it is awkward to hold it open and drill it into the wall at the same time.  I used two screws/mollies which are capable of holding 75 lbs.

After it was on the wall I realized I needed a magnetic catch to keep the door shut.  So I attached one of those.

jewelry organizer (31)

Then I had fun hanging all of my jewelry…

jewelry organizer (26)

jewelry organizer (33)

jewelry organizer (32)

jewelry organizer (17)

and then closed it when I was done…

jewelry organizer (23)

jewelry organizer (21)-1

{Squuuueaaaallll!} I am so proud of this.  I stepped out of my comfort zone a little with all the measuring and building.  But I did it…such a huge sense of empowerment!

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