Jack Daniel’s Grilling Marinade Sauce with Free Printable

I shared a copycat recipe for TGI Friday’s Jack Daniel’s sauce that I put on some frozen chicken strips as an appetizer.  The sauce is so good and we whipped right through it.  So I made up another batch this week.  If you are have been a follower of Infarrantly Creative forever, and read every word I wrote word for word (hi mom!), then you might remember YEARS AGO, while out on a run, I found over 50 discarded Jack Daniel’s bottles.  Since I am a craft hoarder collector I have used them in plenty of ways since then.


Yes, I literally found them in a pile on the side of the road and took them home to hoard for all these years.


Here are some ways I have used them in the past.  Click below the picture to be taken directly to the post.


1.  Christmas Joy Jars

2.  Blue Sea Glass Flower Vases
(sent to At the Home Bay for an upcycle challenge)

3.  Bath Salts with free printable

4.  Halloween “Boo” Jars with pom pom flowers

It didn’t occur to me while whipping up another batch of this amazing grilling/marinade/dipping sauce to actually put the sauce back into the bottles and give them away.  This sauce is seriously so good!  I gave some to a dear friend and he texted me saying “That sauce is the bomb, it will taste good on any animal”{giggle}.  This recipe makes about 60 ounces give or take and would be a great gift. If you don’t have a stash of Jack Daniel’s bottles at your disposal, 100% pure maple syrup jars, or canning jars work just as well.

CLICK HERE TO GET THE JACK DANIEL’S SESAME JACK SAUCE, which is a copycat from TGI Friday’s Restaurant.


1.  Once the sauce cooled, I poured it into the disinfected Jack Daniel’s bottles and let it cool completely.

2. I printed out the printable I created onto white sticker paper.  I cut them out and then adhered it to the front of the bottle.  Here is a PDF version of the blank Jack Daniel’s sauce sticker, and here is a single jpeg.  You can use any editing program to add your name to the bottom of the sticker.  I used the free Lobster font.


Everyone who has tasted this sauce has loved it.  We have made up some boneless skinless chicken breasts and used it as a marinade.  It’s perfect for burgers too.  Yum!



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