It’s a…


Tim had me convinced that this little baby was a boy. When we got to the ultrasound appointment he said, “Show me the boy parts.” The ultrasound tech in jest said “Hold your horses, I want to do my job first.” So she measured the head, saw the 4 chambers of the heart, the brain, the placenta, the umbilical cord and spine. Everything looked great. And then she said, “I see parts but not the parts you want to see,” talking to Tim. And I immediately started giggling and Tim had this weird look on his face and said “What do you mean?” And she said “It’s a girl!” Tim’s heart skipped and beat, his eyes bugged out and he turned pale. The whole time I am laughing hysterically. I wish I had his reaction on video, it was priceless. It was like he was in denial or something. The ultrasound tech said she would bet her job on it that it was a girl…she was pretty confident. Tim is such a phenomenal dad to Isaac. Dads like Tim need a girl. Girls need good daddies. All children need good daddies. But girls especially.

So I am going to be a mommy to a girl! Oh-me-oh-my! I always wanted just boys until I had Isaac and he satisfied that need. And then I wanted a girl but I would have been content with whatever the Lord wanted for us. BUT I AM OH-SO-EXCITED!

Bring on the pig tails, pink frills, big bows and puffy dresses…I want it all.