Isaac’s Pet Cupcake

Today we went to Brett’s 3rd birthday party at a local park. Each of the kids got a cupcake. Isaac would nibble at it a bit but I nicknamed it his pet because he was carrying it around everywhere with him. If you tried to take it away he would freak out. Of course there is waaaaay more cupcake on him than in his mouth.

In other news I have started the process of refinishing my kitchen table. We bought this set in August of 2005 when we built our new house in Washington. I love the set so much. It seats 6 but then it opens up to a square and seats 8. I love that is opens to a square because everyone is facing one another and it makes conversation great because you can make some eye contact.

Well it had a lot of scratches and such in it. However, during the move from Washington it got JACKED UP!

Center of the table

One of the worse of the chairs

So far I have all the seat bottoms taken off and sanded down to bare wood. Tomorrow I will sand the table, the leaf, and the bench down to bare wood with the hopes of staining it tomorrow and polyurethaning (is that a word?) on Friday. I think that may be wishful thinking. But in the meantime we have this in our kitchen…

…Reminds me of when we first got married and we were living on love.