Interchangeable Ribbon Necklace

I love versatile jewelry that can go with any outfit.   These simple clear briolette beads can be matched   to go with any outfit simply by changing out the ribbon.

interchangeable ribbon necklace

interchangeable ribbon necklace

My original inspiration came from the Halcyon Halo Necklace ($32) from Anthropologie.   I loved the aqua   with the clear crystals.   But then I took it a step further wondering if I could change out the ribbon and bring some more versatility to it.

halo Supplies:

2 small lobster claps

2 crimp beads

2 ribbons ends for each color ribbon you make

1/4” grosgrain ribbon

jewelry pliers

lighter to seal the ribbon

clear crystal beads (mine were Crystal 6 x 9mm Glass Teardrops from Bliss Beads ($3.99 retail) found at Joann Fabrics)

jewelry wire


1.   84 beads come on the strand.   That will make two necklaces.   So divided them and restring 42 of the beads onto the beading wire.   Attach a lobster clasp to each end with a crimp bead holding it in place.

interchangeable ribbon necklace

interchangeable ribbon necklace

2.   Cut two lengths of ribbon. Crimp the ribbon with the ribbon end.   Do the same with the second length.



3.   Make two small bows.   Singe the ends with a lighter in order to seal them so they will not fray.


4.   Now you can either hot glue the bows in place or slide the ribbon end through the back of the bow.   This extra step adds some feminine flair but also covers up the unsightly silver findings a little.


You can see by the picture below that you can slide the bow up and down the necklace.   Slide the bow all the way down so it covers the ribbon ends.IMG_0642

5.   Attach the lobster clasp to the ribbon ends on both sides.

interchangeable ribbon necklace

interchangeable ribbon necklace

6.   Now tie tit at the height you want it.   Cut off any extra ribbon and singe the ends so they do not fray.   I like leaving the ribbon long because I think it looks cute hanging in the back.

interchangeable ribbon necklace

Enjoy your versatile, interchangeable, adjustable, crystal briolette necklace!

interchangeable ribbon necklace

interchangeable ribbon necklace