Initial Bookends

Ok so I am back in Indy, unpacked from our vacation and ready for a new week. Which means…new projects!

I saw these cute bookends at Rosenberry Rooms a while back and filed it in the back of my brain. OBVIOUSLY at $68.00 a pop I ain’t buying.

I have stored some books that Isaac isn’t quite ready for reading in his closet. We all know storage space is a huge commodity! The parking place for those books is prime closet real estate.

Then he had a huge open spot on his dresser that was begging for something since I removed the baskets that used to be Isaac’s to Kayla’s room.

I found these letters at Michael’s for $1 each. They are made by Darice and they have a small peg in the bottom which made them perfect for attaching to my bookends.

So with some scrap wood, spray paint, Mod Podge, fabric from Isaac’s bedding (are you sick of it yet?), a drill and the letters I got to work.

I had never Mod Podged with fabric before. You have to be careful not to stretch it and to cut all the little fibers off.

I think they turned out cute. It only cost me the $2 for the letters.

If you are interested in a tutorial let me know and I can type one up for you.

Do you like how my son’s initials are “if”? I guess we should have thought that one through a little better 😉