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The whole day was a blur like most brides say. But it was my day and I loved having a whole day where the focus was on us.

(Yes, I love being the center of attention).

We had the privilege of my father-in-law performing the ceremony. We also prayed on a bench that Tim’s grandpa made to pray with his new bride on his wedding day. It is also the same bnech where Tim’s parents prayed on their wedding day. That was sentimental and special to us.

We shoved cake in each other’s face (yes, we are that couple) and danced the night away. Our first night as a married couple we stayed at this adorable little hotel on the river in a town nearby. It was super fancy. It had a huge two-person jacuzzi tub, bidet, fireplace, goose down comforters and the plushest bathrobe I have ever wrapped myself in.

We woke up to a room service breakfast and ate out on our deck facing the river. The next day we were going to the airport to fly to Cancun for our honeymoon. Tim said, “Who is taking us to the airport?” I said “My dad.” He said “WHAT!?!?!? Of all people your dad is taking us to the airport? The last person I want to see the day after I have sex for the first time with you is your dad!” I guess I didn’t think about the awkward drive in the car on the way to the airport. LOL! Tim will never let me live that one down.

We honeymooned in Cancun. I remember being so weirded out by the fact that I was married and traveling to a foreign country. I felt like we should have our parents along (that would be awkward), like we were not old enough to be traveling by ourselves.

I have got to tell my honeymoon story. It is hilarious. Not so fun at the moment but a great story to tell now.

We arrived at our hotel in Cancun late. There was the fabulous jetted jacuzzi in our room and I was all excited to use it (I have a HUUUUUGE obsession with taking bubble baths). We fill the tub up and go to get in it and the jets don’t work. So Tim calls the front desk and someone came to fix it. By the time my husband and the non-English speaking maintenance man fixed it we were no longer interested in the bathtub. It was late and we went nighty night. We forgot one crucial thing before we went to sleep:


At about 8 a.m. we hear a knock-knock on the door and someone coming to enter the room. In my half-asleep/half-awake state I think the best thing to do is run to the door and try to block the person from coming in. Did I mention we were on our honeymoon?!?! Can you imagine what I was wearing? Yes…good assumption…NOTHING! So then Tim is thinking in his half-asleep/half-awake state, “Knock on door, someone entering our room, naked wife…running to door.” So he thinks he is going to save me or something so he started to run towards the door.

HOT as heck outside + air conditioning cranked up inside our room + a marble floor = a slippery layer of condensation!

So I take two running steps and fall flat on my stomach and slide across the room like I was on a slip and slide. I realized I wasn’t going to make it to the door in time so I curled in a ball and hid behind a column. Then I look up and it was like a slow motion, Noooooooo!as I see Tim rolling out of bed to run to the door. He gets one good step in and falls flat on his back.

So there we are in all our naked glory and we hear the door close. We have no idea what the cleaning lady saw. Can you even imagine!?!?!

OK that really isn’t part of the story but I couldn’t help but sharing that…too funny.

I must say I love my man more today than I did on our wedding day. God was so good to me. I knew what I wanted in a husband but I had no idea all the things I didn’t know I needed. But God knew and he sure blessed me with Tim. It is amazing how God used the love of a good man to bring about so much healing in this heart of mine. I wouldn’t trade him for anything and I would marry him all over again today.

My story certainly doesn’t end the day I got married. God is continuing to write it page by page and day by day. I have by no means arrived. This story is me and although I am not proud of some of the choices I made or the choices others made that affected my life, it is who I am. Through tough times your character is built. And God sure gave me a happy ending and has used my story to encourage others. I am grateful.

A few of you have asked about some of the characters in my story…

1. Aleah – I never talked to her after I left Catholic school. However, on February 4th of this year I got this note on my facebook…

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say, I’m sorry. I truly feel bad about the way I treated you and any pain I may have caused you in high school. I was a real a-hole and for what it is worth, I’m sorry.”

That blew me away!! I never expected to hear that especially after 15 years. I think a little more of my heart was healed hearing that.

2. My mom – My parents finally got a divorce after a four year separation. My mom has since remarried a wonderful man that I love. I am lucky to have such an awesome step father. He dotes on her, takes care of her and the two of them have a special humor that only the two of them share. LOL! My mom is my best friend. I can’t believe I went through a time in my life when I didn’t want her around. What was I thinking!? She is one of the most loving and faithful people I know. Now all I want is for her to be around. 🙂

3. My dad – I went through a year of counseling after my parents divorced to sort through all the emotions in my heart. Somewhere along the road of life I developed this fairy tale idea of what a dad and daughter relationship looked like. Unknown to him, I kept holding my dad to that same standard in my head. Without fail I would leave my time with my dad and be depressed and discouraged wanting more than I had. I went through this cycle for years. My counselor was able to help me put that little dream to rest and mourn the loss of what wasn’t. It was after that when I was really able to see my dad in a different light. He has made some mistakes but I am not going to define him by those. I love him and I am super excited about our relationship now. He adores me, is proud of me, and loves me more than I will ever know. He is always in my corner, believes in me, and lights up when he sees me walk in a room.

3. Jake – I wish I could tell you his story…it is a neat one also. He is happily married and living in Texas currently. He is a great guy and I am so elated to see him happy and blessed.

I could spend another 100 posts telling you about the last 11 years of my life. We have had ups, downs, curves and twists along the way sprinkled in with a lot of laughter and love. I am sure I will share more Real and Raw moments in the future. There are plenty more to tell.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me. I hope it gives you a peek into somebody who is more than a crafter, wife and mommy. The most important role I have is that I am a child of the King. I am grateful for His mercy and grace in my life. I AM BLESSED!!

I am ready to get my craft back on!!