Indianapolis Mini Marathon

A few months ago Tim read this book called “The Way of the Wild Heart” by John Elderidge. It was one of those moments that you read something and know you will either be different or will forever regret staying the same. After reading this Tim decided he needed an adventure in his life that was 1) not predictable 2) required all of him 3) wasn’t comfortable 4) that he couldn’t do alone and 5) that would stretch him. So he decided to run a half-marathon. He has been training for it and has hated every minute of it. He is not a runner and this was defiinitely a stretch for him. He had a goal of finishing it in under 2 hours.

His best friend, Danny ran it with him. Sidenote: What is it about saying “best friend” that guys freak about? They don’t wear BFF necklaces or anything. But it is Tim’s best friend. They have known each other for a decade and crazy enough kept in contact (which those of you who know Tim well know he is self-admittedly horrible at). God blessed us so that they are now working side by side in ministry, which has always been a dream of theirs. So if I need to re-word it to sound more manly here goes: Danny, Tim’s close friend ran it with him.

Now Danny is a runner. He looks like a runner, talks like a runner, and LOVES running. He is always trying to get Tim to run with him. Well Danny had a knee injury and surgery last year so he hasn’t been able to run as much as he’d hope. The only reason he ran was because he knew this was probably his only chance in the world to run with Tim. He wasn’t trying to break records (he ran it last year in 1:39) he simply wanted to finish with Tim without causing too much damage to his knee. Here’s Danny and his wife Jackie and son Andrew.

Here is Tim and me before the race.

Here is Tim entering the “zone” and trying to focus mentally.

Psyching up…

So Jackie, Andrew and I drive to about the 5.5 mile mark to see how they were doing and make sure Danny’s knee is holding up. See Danny is still smiling…he is loving every minute of this…Tim…well he is still breathing. No in all actuality they were doing great, on pace, and feeling good. A kiss to their wives and they were off again.

Somewhere around the 7-8 mile mark Tim started getting dizzy and seeing spots. Danny was about ready to catch him. They started walking again and Tim was frustrated that his body was not cooperating. He tried to get Danny to leave him and finish the race but Danny would not leave (humbling moment for Tim). He kept saying, “Dude I am not leaving you, I am running this with you and I am not fiinishing without you.” He was using every tactic to try and encourage Tim to keep pressing on. So after getting some more water and Gatorade he started feeling a little better. After realizing he wasn’t going to finish in his goal time and letting that go he started running and enjoying himself. So the next goal…at least beat Steve (another co-worker).

And THEY did! So anyway Tim was pretty discouraged about not meeting his goal. He finished the race in 2:14:19. And he said he still has to. Fort Wayne Mini-Marathon here we come…sigh. But he really believed God did what he needed to and taught him a lot about friendship, comaraderie and not drinking coffee before the race. (He was dehydrated)!

But I still could not be more proud of him. There were many days (like everyday) he wanted to give up. But he didn’t. He persevered, pressed on, and worked very hard. I love that my man puts his all into everything he does. You will make your goal baby…I will see you at the finish line.