If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

If you give a mouse a cookie will they go away? WE HAVE A MOUSE IN THE HOUSE! Yesterday I was at the stove getting ready to start cooking dinner when a rodent ran across and down the cupboard. I was holding Isaac and screamed like a little girl. I scared him to death and apparently the mouse too because he went into hiding. I called Tim and told him to come home and get the mouse out of the house. Tim kicked into “hunter” mode. He got a large pole. I guess he was going to beat the mouse to death if he came out. Then he moved the fridge and out came the little guy and ran into the spare bedroom. Great, that is just what I want, a mouse in the bedroom. We looked everywhere in the bedroom and of course he is no where to be found. Well after that little incident I no longer felt inclined to cook. So out we went to grab dinner and mousetraps. Tim was floored that I never had a mouse in my house before. So we got those sticky traps and put peanut butter on them. Tim explained the way they just happen to get stuck on there and squeak and squeal and struggle until they rip their arms off. TOO GROSS! So Tim put some peanut butter on the trap and we went to bed. I woke many times in the night because I thought I heard the torment of mouse arms being ripped off. Apparently I was wrong, I must have heard the mouse feasting and belching out peanut butter. In the morning all the peanut butter was gone and there was no armless mouse on the trap. Grrrrrr! He is still in there. So I guess we will have to try plan B and get regular old mouse traps. Meanwhile the mouse roams.