Ice Cream Ball

One of my favorite family summertime activity is making homemade ice cream.  A couple of years ago we received the ice cream ball as a gift. It is a fun little novelty gift to get a family with kids.  It works the same way as an ice cream machine but you have to do the work.IMG_0572 You open up one side and put in the ingredients.  Today we decided to try the frozen lemonade that my friend Amy posted about. So we poured raspberry lemonade inside.IMG_0574 Close the top and tighten it with the provided tool.IMG_0575 Flip it over and add the ice and rock salt.  Tighten the lid.IMG_0577IMG_0578 And have fun as a family, shaking, rolling and passing the ball around. 

After about 20 minutes of chaos shaking you have your frozen treat.IMG_0592

Here is a nice action shot of it falling out of my daughter’s mouth.

IMG_0590 I know mine was purchased at Amazon.  There are two sizes.  I have the larger one.  However when it is completely full it is really heavy.  So I would recommend the bigger one for older kids.  If you have small children I would get the smaller size. For some reason all the prices differ on Amazon depending on the color you buy.  The purple pint is the cheapest at $20.36 and red quart one is $29.98…go figure. 

I did not get compensated for this post or get free product.  Nor was I asked to review this  I just love to talk about products I love.