I Did It! {Better Homes & Gardens Feature}

I squuuuealled with delight when I got my first text that the new Better Homes & Garden’s magazine was out in newsstands.  While I love BHG magazine the squeal wasn’t for the magazine itself (confession: I haven’t even read it yet).  It was for the very back page!


That is me and my Striped Painted Curtains, Fabric Stenciled Upholstered Headboard, and Coral Lamp.  BHG spent two days out here in February shooting for the magazine.  A bunch of my projects should be in their digital edition too.  Although I don’t have an IPad so I will have to find someone who does to check it out.

So pick up a copy of the May issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine this month.  And if you don’t have a subscription to the magazine you can get a year of Better Homes & Gardens (<—-click here) for $5.00 on Amazon. Disclosure: that is my affiliate link.

DSC07022 - Low Res

Anyway, when I get the call from Kit Selzer, the remodeling editor for BHG that they wanted to come to my house in three weeks I was ecstatic.  The only problem. I was currently undertaking building my dream craft room.  So I had moved all the stuff from that room into my guest room.  The very room that BHG was going to shoot!  So after hours of moving everything back I was ready for stylist Jenny O’Connor and photographer Edmund Barr to come over.

The first project they shot for their digital edition was my cabinet door measurement conversion chart and cup labels.  Jenny had purchased white dishes to make everything look amazing but here is what the rest of my kitchen looked like during photo shoot time. {giggle} It just goes to show you that what you see in a magazine is cropped, edited and styled.


Next we moved upstairs for them to shoot my daughter’s hutch turned bookshelf. Jenny’s attention to details is crazy…like she notices tiny wrinkles and flecks of fuzz kinda crazy.  Her and Edmund were literally combing the carpet in my daughter’s room to make the picture BHG quality.  It officially became known as the “carpet dragon.”  Get it?  Like carpet dragging? I guess you had to be there.


Then we moved to the guest room where they photographed the lamp made from crutches and my end table turned bookshelf project.  Lastly, they shot the vintage television turned hallway table.  All the while Jenny worked her magic and made my home look amazing.  And Edward captured it all with perfect lighting and amazing pictures.



After day 1 Jenny and I headed to Target to return some things and to try and find an outfit for me for Friday’s shoot.  I desperately wanted to run into someone I knew so I could introduce Jenny as “my stylist.”  Of course God needed to keep me humble and I didn’t see a single soul I know. Bummer.  HA!

Day 2 began and Edmund and Jenny got the lights and camera ready and the guest room styled.  We tried a few different poses but it only took us two hours to complete the shoot.  The lighting was perfect, my smile was good (or so they said), and everything looked amazing.

DSC06968 - Low Res

After perusing Edmund’s portfolio and seeing the amazing homes he has shot I kept thinking “my home does not belong in BHG, he probably thinks my house is ghetto compared to what he is used to.”  By the end of the photo shoot I got to see the pictures he shot and I said all emotional “my home totally belongs in Better Homes & Gardens.”

DSC06981 - Low Res

I will say having a photo stylist and professional photog around spoiled me.  My blog could get used to that. Thank you BH&G for the feature.  I can officially cross it off my bucket list.

DSC07068 - Low Res

I have gotten many questions about the stencil I used for my headboard.  It was the Zagora All-Over Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.

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