How to Paint Vinyl Shutters

Shutters on windows are kind of like mascara on your eyelashes – it just looks better! I took my vinyl shutters down last June when we put on a new roof.  And sadly they have been sitting in my garage since then.  Yikes! So my naked house was begging for her shutters back.  After talking to a few roofers and people at Lowes the consensus was that spray paint was the best option.  So turning to my trusty brand of choice, I called Krylon to ask which paint they would recommend.  They said Krylon Outdoor Spaces because it has some UV protectant and weather resist properties to it.  The way my house is situated the front of my house gets pounded by the sun daily.  I have a feeling this project will be on the list every few years.

Adding curb appeal

So this is VERY IMPORTANT: Mark the back of your shutters with where you took them down from.  Unfortunately, the roofers who took mine down didn’t do this so it was a major pain in the butt to figure out what shutter went where.

Also, double check and make sure that the back of your shutters doesn’t say something like “Do not paint shutters.” There are some shutters that are not paintable and will say so on the back.

With a spray nozzle on my hose, a plastic bristle brush and some Dawn I scrubbed and rinsed the shutters well and then I set them in the sun to dry and sit overnight.  The next day I wiped them with a tack cloth and busted out my spray paint.  12 shutters took about 8 cans of spray paint.

how to paint faded shutters

Krylon Outdoor Spaces Black

Spraying vinyl shutters with this paint was a little different than I am used to spray painting.  I know watching me spray paint is kind of like waiting for water to boil but if you want great results and you are taking on this project I would suggest you watch the video below.  You need to spray it a certain way to avoid streaks.

You can tell from my mistake on the left that you can’t just attack it with spray paint–you have to be a bit methodical about how you paint them.


The video below shows you how I spray painted them to get superior results.

I love how the black shutters give my house and little more contrast.  It also is the perfect canvas for pops of color added by flowers or wreaths.


With a large ladder and the sun pelting down on us my husband and I hung them last weekend.




I still have to paint my front door.  Since it is inset I am not sure if a color would even be that noticeable.  Plus I love my screen door on the front because of the awesome cross breeze we get so I am torn.  What would you do?

If this is a project you want to tackle now or in the Fall, Pin It for later to refer back to. 

This is a repost from May 2012.

Disclaimer: Krylon sent me this paint to use for this project