How to Paint Flowers on Toes

I love the indulgent purchase of a pedicure. But because I am cheap, I don’t get it done too often. When I do it is such a treat. I always get one when I visit my in-laws in Georgia.  It is only $15 there!  But it is like $35 here in Ohio.  I always get one at the beginning of the summer to get all the winter funk off my toes and start my summer right. Then, for the rest of the summer I usually keep them up myself. One time I splurged and got flowers on my toes (I really just wanted to learn their secret). So here goes a quick tutorial on how to paint flowers on your toes.

how to paint flowers on your nails quick and easy

1. First paint your toes. I always do a base coat and then two coats of color. Let them dry completely.


2. Grab a stylus tool. These are for dry embossing, you can find them at the craft store. Grab another color of polish that will stand out against the color on your toes already.


3. Next pour out a tiny dab of nail polish onto a plastic cup or something like that. Then dip your stylus tool into your paint and dab 5 dots. I use new paint for each dot.


4. Next take a tooth pick and drag it from the middle of one of the circles towards the center of your flower. Do that with all 5 dots and you have a Hawaiian looking flower. After they dry, put a top coat on and you are done.



Those of you with little girls…they will love this. It takes a little practice but it is easy once you get the hang of it. It is a lot easier doing it on someone else’s toes than my own but you get the picture.


This post original appeared on Infarrantly Creative in July of 2008.  I updated it with better pictures for your enjoyment!