How to Make a Zipper Flower

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Are we having fun yet?  Have I inspired you to grab some zippers and start creating?  Well if the last two days have not motivated you this one will. 

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Today we are making a zipper flower.IMG_0111



Two 22” zippers (I used Coats & Clark Z-08 in Parakeet)

Hot Glue Gun



Fabric Scrap

Needle and Thread or sewing machine

Matching felt

Cardboard Scrap


1.  Start by cutting off the zippers (save them, we will use them later).  IMG_00862. Cut 13 strips of zipper at 3 1/4” long.  Cut 8 strips of zipper at 2 3/4” long. IMG_0087 3.  With each of the strips fold the zipper into a loop (teeth facing out) and hot glue where the zippers meet.IMG_0089 4.  Next put a small line of hot glue on the left and right of the zipper and glue the sides down to make an individual petal.  IMG_0090 IMG_0091 5.  Repeat with the remaining 20 strips.IMG_0096 6.  Cut a circle with 1 3/4” diameter out of cardboard.  Cut a larger felt circle and a smaller felt circle.IMG_0092 7.  Take the larger felt circle and wrap it around the cardboard circle hot gluing it in place.IMG_0093 8.  Glue the smaller felt circle on top covering up your raw edges.IMG_0094 9.  Start gluing the 13 larger petals onto the felt cardboard circle.IMG_0097 This is what it looks like when the first layer is all glued on…IMG_0098 10.  Start gluing the 8 smaller petals in place making sure you glue them between the larger petals.
IMG_0099IMG_010011.  Now you can embellish the middle how you wish. Add a covered button, some rhinestones, an old brooch, whatever you want. I took a 1” strip of fabric and made a long running stitch on one side and gathered the fabric into a little circle by pulling one of the threads.  I then glued it in place.IMG_0102 IMG_0103 12.  Put the zipper back on the length of zipper you have leftover.  IMG_0109 13.  Start rolling the zipper into a rosette gluing in place. Check out this post to learn how to roll them if you need help.  You may need to twist the zipper so that it stays in place.  Just play with it, you will get it.IMG_0110 14.  Hot glue the rolled zipper into the flower’s middle.IMG_0111IMG_0101Sew a pin on the back, glue it on a headband, stick it on a purse —whatever suits your zipper fancy!IMG_0157

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