How to Make T-shirt Yarn

Did you know you can make continuous yarn out of an old t-shirt?  Yep it is true and it is super easy and you can do all sorts of cool stuff with it, many of which I will show you in the next week.  But first you have to figure out how to make the yarn and then go grab an old t-shirt and get started.

How to Make T-shirt Yarn

All you need to get started is a t-shirt and scissors.  If you have a quilting ruler and rotary cutter that is even better.  But if you don’t have those, keep it simple, with some good fabric cutting scissors.  Also your t-shirt can’t have side seams.

1.  To get started fold your t-shirt in half lengthwise.  Cut just below the screenprint or under the armpits if it is a plain t-shirt and then cut off the bottom hem.

t-shirt yarn tutorial

2.  With the middle section, cut strips leaving 1” still connect and folded at the top.  For my yarn I used 1/2” strips but if you want wider yarn you can cut it wider.  After you cut the strip move it out of the way and keep cutting the entire piece.


You can see it is still uncut at the top fold.*

tee shirt yarn

3.  Once all the strips have been cut open up the fold at the top.  You will now have the top and bottom of the strips still connected.

tee shirt yarn tutorial

4.  Take your scissors and cut the top strips all the way through the fold at the top.

tee shirt yarn diy

5.  At the bottom, start with the first fold and cut at an angle to the second fold going only through the top layer of your t-shirt.

yarn out of old t-shirts

6.  Next loop the fold around the opposite hand and then use your scissors to cut towards the next loop.

yarn out of old tee shirts

tshirt yarn

It will look slightly weird when you cut on an angle like that but it works I promise.

tshirt yarn string

7.  When it is all cut out then stretch it between your hands.  This will roll the edges up and give you a tight knit yarn.

how to make tee shirt yarn

spools of tshirt yarn

8.  Lastly roll it up into a ball and store it somewhere.

tee shirt yarn ball

Go crazy and make them in every color.

tee shirt yarn ball

Here are some projects you can make out of the yarn…


Left to Right: T-Shirt Shoelaces, Tee Shirt hair Bows, Tee Shirt Sleeves Pouches


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upcycled tshirt projects

Left to Right: Ransom Note Sweatshirt, Painted Striped Shirt, Patriotic T-shirt Dress, Upcycled Stamped Dress, Stamped Valentine’s Day Scarf, Patchy Skirt.