How to Make Korker Bows

We had an emergency at our house today.   My little girl’s hair finally can fit in pigtails and we didn’t have any bows to dress it up. Emergency people! I decided some korker bows would be the perfect addition to her curly hair.

how to make korker bows

Kayla’s hair is so curly and looks like a wreck unless it is pulled back or has a barrette in it.   My friend had given me an outfit from Gymboree that had these adorable litttle korker bow barrettes that matched perfectly.   They looked adorable with piggies.   I had to make my own.


Alligator clips

Grosgrain Ribbon (I used 1/4”)

Hot glue

Dowel rod (I used 3/16”)

wooden clothes pin




They are super easy to make and rather inexpensive.   I purchased 1/4” grosgrain ribbon and 3/16” dowel rod. I wet the ribbon and tightly wrapped it around the dowel rod using wooden clothespins on the ends to hold the ribbon in place.

how to make korker bows

I baked it at 250 degrees for 20 minutes.   After it cooled I pulled it off the dowel rod and cut it into little korkers.

At this point take a lighter to each end to singe it so it won’t unravel.

how to make korker bows

I took about 8 of the cut korkers (mix and match colors or use all the same) and stacked them together and tied some thread around the middle of them.   It is hard to tie it by yourself.   It helps to have an extra pair of hands around for that part.

how to make korker bows

Then I hot glued some ribbon to an alligator clip (this step isn’t necessary – I just like the finished look).


Hot glue the korker bow in the middle of the ribbon wrapped alligator clip…

how to make korker bows

Cut a small scrap of ribbon to wrap around the middle…

how to make korker bows

Hot glue in place wrapping the ribbon under the top of the alligator clip…

how to make korker bows

Then clip them in your little girl’s hair.   Adorable on little piggies!

how to make korker bows

how to make korker bows

Check out my tutorial for making Embellished Flip Flops using korkers bows here.