How to Make Friendship Bracelets

One of my most favorite crafts to do when I was in elementary school was to make friendship bracelets.  If you were my friend, acquaintance and sometimes even my enemy you received a friendship bracelet made by me.  I sold them at a stand in my neighborhood and got busted for making them in class.  One of the easiest and quickest bracelets to make is the finger weaving kind.

I have noticed they are making their way back on children’s wrists.  So I thought I would show you how to make some so that you can have a boredom buster for your children this summer.

woven friendship bracelets (1)

These are different than the macramé knot tying bracelets. These are all done by finger weaving loops.  Depending on which loops you use you get a different pattern.  The first bracelet it a flat 7 strand braid (which I will demonstrate), the second bracelet is a 4 sided cubed braid (which is shown in the video).  Both are cute and your children will love to make these.


Embroidery Floss



Nimble fingers

1.  Cut 7 strands of embroidery floss about 24” long.  Take both ends and tie it in a knot.woven friendship bracelets (8)

2.  Pin the knot to a pant leg or pillow.  Separate the stranded loops and put them on your fingers (4 strands on one hand and 3 on the other).

woven friendship bracelets (12)

3. You will always be working with the hand that has only three strands on it. In the picture above it will be my right hand.  Your pinky does all the work.

Depending on how you want your bracelet to look you will loop your pinky under that strand and pull the end loop (#7 and #8) through them all.

woven friendship bracelets (17)

woven friendship bracelets numbered

4.  For the flat braid, you loop your pinky through the 2, 3, 6, and 7.

woven friendship bracelets (21)


5. Then grab that last loop with your pinky (letting go with the pointer finger) and pulling it through the rest of the strands and tighten.  Now you have 4 loops on your opposite hand.




6. Shift the loops on your hand with 3 loops on them towards your pointer so that pinky is free again.


Here is a video showing you the process with the skinner four-sided braid pattern.

If you can’t view the video click here to view it on You Tube.

7. Keep finger weaving back and forth with your pinky until it is complete.  Unloop all of your fingers and tie an overhand knot in the end.





Your children will be kept busy making embroidery floss bracelets all summer.  I used to have a bracelet making stand and sold them on my street corner for $.25.  Since inflation I am sure they could get $1.00 for them.  {giggle}

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