How To Make a Fleece Hat

Otherwise known as the Pigtail Hat!IMG_0561


This tutorial is very detailed but the whole hat takes less than 30 minutes to sew up!

Notes: I zigzag stitched the whole hat unless otherwise noted.

1. Print out 2 copies of the pattern here. You will have to cut the pattern out and then flip one over and tape them together overlapping them where it says “overlap.”

IMG_0565 This pattern is for a 6-12 month hat. I enlarged it to 108% for Isaac’s hat which is about a 3-4T. He has a 21” head. Kayla’s head is 18”. Measure your child’s head and cut the pattern width to that measurement. If you need to add length make sure you add it to the middle of that hat and to both the sides to make it even.

2. Doubling up your fabric (to make it easier on yourself) cut out your pattern. You should have two fleece pieces of the bottom portion of the hat. Then cut another piece of fleece 5 inches wide by the width of your pattern. For Kayla I did 5” x 18”.

3. Fold one of the bottom pieces in half right sides together (pinning) and zigzag stitch it closed. Do the same on the other piece. IMG_04974. Put one of the hats inside the other hat and pin with right sides of the fabric together. Since it is circular, I pin one side and then the other side and then fill the pins in the middle stretching the fabric to fit. I pin the whole hat but only sew the bottom part.


5. Now turn the hat right sides out and pin the bottom part in place and then with a straight stitch sew around the bottom again so it looks nice and finished.


6. Now pin the top of the hat and zigzag stitch all around the circle.

IMG_0501IMG_0502IMG_0503 7. Now take the other strip of fabric you cut and with right sides together sew shut with a zigzag stitch.


8. Pin the top part of the hat to the bottom part of the hat with right sides together (pinning in place) and zigzag stitch them together.IMG_0505 IMG_0506 9. Cut 1/2” strips of your fleece. Using one of the strips tie them together. IMG_0507IMG_0508

10. Taking the tied piece place the pigtails in the corners of the hat (making sure your hat is inside out) and tuck the pigtails in the hat with the tied part sticking out the top and zigzag stitch the whole top of the hat closed. Cut the excess tie part and trim your pigtails to the length you want.

IMG_0509 11. Turn the hat right side out and sew velcro on the chin straps and you have an adorably fun winter hat for your wee ones.IMG_0564 IMG_0511