How to Make Felt Flowers

I love flowers in and on just about anything.   Felt is a great medium to use since it is fray free and creates beautiful fluffy flowers.   With the cooler months ahead and scarf season almost here I made a few flower pins to accessorize my outfits.

felt flower pin




Fabri-Tac glue

pin backs

cardboard (I used a recycled cereal box)


embroidery floss

1. Cut a piece of felt 1 1/2” wide by any length (depending on how big you want your flower).   Fold it in half and glue just the edge closed.

how to make felt flowers (11)

2.   Cut little slits into the folded part of the felt.

how to make felt flowers (26)

Now here is where you can get creative with how you cut your felt which will give you variations in the flowers.   All of the ones pictured below are cut the same way.   The only different is how wide I cut the to make felt flowers (12)

This larger flower is done simply by adding another strip of the felt to make it larger.   Next to it the the size comparison of one strip versus two.

how to make felt flowers (18)

This one is done by cutting the slits on a diagonal rather than a straight cut.

how to make felt flowers (19)

This last one which looks more curvy is done simply by skipping the gluing part in Step 1 and just holding the felt closed while you cut it.   Somehow when you go to roll it up it gives it this look.

3.   Roll your flower up gluing it along the way.   Once the glue is dry fluff it in place.

how to make felt flowers (28)

how to make felt flowers (32)

3.   Cut a 2 1/2” square out of cardboard.   Cut a large felt square.   Glue the cardboard onto the felt.   Cut at the corner and glue it down.   This will give you something nice and sturdy to glue the flowers onto.

how to make felt flowers (23)

4.   To add a little more embellishment I cut out some leaves.   Then with some embroidery floss and a needle I stitched around it to add interest.

how to make felt flowers (39)

5.   Glue your flowers onto the felt covered cardboard (onto the ugly side).

how to make felt flowers (35)

6.   Once dry flip it over and glue a pin back on.   Cut a small piece of felt to cover the pin back and give it a finished look.

how to make felt flowers (36)

Add it to a shirt, a diaper bag, your purse, a scarf, a dog…okay I am kidding about the dog part.   But really…what doesn’t need a flower????   Everything is cuter with a flower if you ask me!


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