How to Make Felt Flower Headbands

My daughter is obsessed with headbands.  It probably has to do with the fact that I bought her a bunch of headbands a year ago and she broke all of them and I told her she wasn’t old enough to wear them because she couldn’t take care of them.  Well that just made headbands the forbidden fruit.  So a few months back I bought her another one and told her she can’t stretch them out or wear them on her belly (yes, true story!) and now she won’t take them off.  I will put her hair in two braids and five minutes later she has popped a headband over it.  She also has been begging me to make a headband with her.  So I got out my Sizzix machine and a flower die and we made one in 10 minutes. This is now her new favorite headband.

how to make felt flower headbands 

If you don’t have a Sizzix Die Cut Machine you could find many different flower patterns online and hand cut them.  It will take a bit longer but still totally doable.  I will say having a die cut machine makes wreaths and flowers so much easier though.  The one I have I got for my birthday last year and is the Sizzix Vagabond which is one of the pricier models (It retails for $250 – it looks like it is $153 on Amazon right now). 


Sizzix die cut machine of your choice

Eileen Hull’s Sizzix Flower Layers with Heart Petals #658053

Light Purple felt

Fuschia Felt

Smoke Gray Felt

Crop-A-Dile (or other hand hole punch)

Patterned Felt

White Tulle

Hot Glue Gun

Headband (I got two for $1 at Dollar Tree)

Paper fasteners or brads

Kayla designed this headband.  She picked out the felt, ran them through the die cut machine and coordinated the flowers.  I just punched the hole in the flowers and hot glued them.  She is very proud of her headband.  We just went back to the Dollar Tree to pick up a few more to make for her friends.

felt flower headband

1.  Make a sandwich of all the felts and tulle together and run it through the machine.

2.  This will cut out all the flower petals you need.  At this point Kayla added a big petal, followed by two layers of the large flower cut out of tulle, a medium felt flower, two layers of tulle out of the medium flower and then the small flower.  Kayla actually chose the design of all of her flowers all by herself.

how to make felt flowers

3.  Using my Crop-a-Dile I punched a hole through all the layers.

felt flowers tutorial

4.  Then Kayla threaded a fastener through all the layers and opened it up on the back to hold all the petals in place.  I decided to use a fastener rather than a brad so her little fingers could open it easier. She repeated steps 2-4 for all three flowers.

felt flower

felt flower headband

5.  Next I hot glued the flowers in place on the headband.

Optional: Take a small piece of felt and hot glue it to the under side of the headband to make it look nice and clean.

felt flowers headband how to make a felt flower headband

Didn’t she do a good job picking out colors and patterns?

felt flower  

flower headband

I have one happy headband wearing girl and she was soooo excited that she made it!

felt flower headband 

Here are some more felt flowers that you don’t need a die cut machine for.  You could use these flowers to make a headband too.

How to Make Felt Flowers

felt flower pin