How to Make a Faux Fur Blanket

This is the coziest, fluffiest, warmest, thickest, cushiest, cuddliest, blanket ever!   I made one of these faux fur blankets for my husband for a Valentine’s Day gift about 10 years ago.   Since it is the best blanket in our house we usually fight over it.   Since he is such a gentlemen I am usually the one that ends up with it.   It just dawned on me…how about I make another one so I can…ahem…give his gift back to him. 🙂

How to make a faux fur blanket


3 yards of faux fur

3 yards of anti-pill fleece

a truckload of stick pins (i used about 150)

sewing machine

1.   I purchased my fur and fleece from Joann Fabrics. The faux fur is regularly $12.99 a yard and the anti-pill fleece is regularly $8.99 a yard.   I highly recommend the anti-pill fleece and not the blizzard fleece due to the number of times you will wash this. They have a very limited selection of fur options.   If you don’t dig animal prints then they have a couple of options in a solid color fur.   With coupons and sales, this cost me $38.IMG_1979

2.   The point of a blanket, in my opinion, is to wrap yourself up in its coziness.   I have the Pottery Barn Faux Fur Blankets that I got for a Christmas gift from my dad last year that retailed for $119.   But it is more of a lap quilt.Pottery-Barn-Faux-Fur-Throw_1186EB56When the kids go to bed I want to lose myself in a big oversized furry blanket.   This is perfect.   You can get less than 3 yards if you want but I say the bigger the better.

3.   I really don’t need to write a huge tutorial, although I probably will. Pretty much all you need to do is put right sides together, pin and sew.   You will have to stretch the fleece a little bit to make it the same size as the fur.   Since fleece is very stretchy it is easy to do…just use a lot of pins.   I used 134, yes I counted.faux fur blanket 2


4. Starting at the shorter about 3/4 of the way to the edge start sewing your blanket.   Make sure to leave a wide enough opening to turn your blanket right sides out.   After you are finished sewing and turning the blanket right sides out pin the opening closed and sew it shut. Because of the thickness of this blanket, there is no topstitching necessary.


It is so simple to make.   I made one for my step-dad one year for Christmas and he and my mom fight over it too.   It is the snuggliest oversized blanket ever.

make a faux fur blanket


Coziness at its best!