How to Make Fabric Drawer Liners

I love lining my drawers with pretty paper or drawer liners.  Most drawer liners and paper for that matter come no bigger than 12”. Well if you have drawers deeper than 12” you end up having to piece it together and you have a seam.  No big thing…after all it is a drawer with stuff in it.  However if you use fabric you are not limited to 12”.

Grab some fabric Mod Podge and your favorite fabric and you are in drawer lining business!

IMG_0112 1.  I put wax paper under the fabric to protect the surface.  Then II spread a coat of fabric Mod Podge over my fabric with a foam brush and let it dry.  This helps it from fraying.  After it is dry you can then cut it just like it is paper with no strings attached.  PUN TOTALLY INTENDED!

IMG_0113 2.  Cut your fabric to the size of your drawer. Then coat the drawer with regular Mod Podge (gloss or matte) and put the fabric in place.  Press it in place getting out all the bubbles and then put a layer over the top to seal it in place.IMG_0127

When it is all dry you have beautifully lined drawers that also happen to coordinate with the rest of the room. 


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