How to Make a Bonheur Necklace

I have said before I am a pretty classic dresser.  I wear a lot of solid colored tops with a pair of jeans. Although, I am a classic dresser I love making a statement with big, chunky jewelry and hair accessories.  So when I saw this gorgeous necklace at Anthropologie I had to have it.  There was no way I was paying $58 for it when I knew I could make this beauty for less than $5. Want to know how?

Anthropologie version943709_017_bInfarrantly Creative versionIMG_0714  Materials:

6 inch wide organza fabric
6 inch wide shiny tulle
14lb fishing line or clear thread
8MM pearls
6MM pearls
Sewing needle
Flower pattern
1.  First I googled “flower pattern” and found this pattern that worked perfectly for the necklace.  You will need to cut out enough fabric for three flowers (one large and two smaller ones).  I used the large and medium pattern.
2.  Next, I quadrupled up the organza and tulle fabric.  I like to be lazy efficient so I pinned the pattern to the fabrics and cut out all 8 flower petals at once.  You do not need to cut them perfect.  In fact, I made the petals rather boxy and they were easier to singe.IMG_0697 3.  I quickly singed the edges of all the flower pieces with a lighter.  You have to move really quick so that you don’t burn the edges.  You just want it to curl a little.  The picture shows the difference between the singed and unsinged edges.IMG_0698
4.  Now layer all 8 layers of the tulle and then organza on top of each other ending on an organza bloom.  With the fishing line and a sewing needle sew 3 6MM pearls on the front of the flowers sewing through all 8 blooms.  This will secure the flower petal in place as well.  You can add more pearls if you want.IMG_07055.  Set the flowers aside and string 8MM pearls on the fishing line to equal 28 inches in length.  IMG_06996.  Without cutting the fishing line I added a needle to the end of it and strung a smaller flower on the line by going through the back of the flower to the front.  Then I went from the front to the back, now your fishing line is in the back of the flower.  IMG_0700 IMG_0701 7.  I then added 7 more beads and did the same thing with the large flower.  Add 7 more beads and then add the last smaller flower.IMG_0703IMG_0704
8.  When all three flowers are on tie the fishing line into a necklace leaving a long tail of fishing line.  You want it to be a tight knot BUT do not pull it too taut or your flowers will not lay flat.  IMG_0710 9.  Add 80 6MM pearls to the second fishing line.  Then tie a tight knot (but not too taut) to the center back of the necklace (wear it to make sure it is where you want it to be).  Cut all the loose strings.IMG_0712 IMG_0711.Wahla you are done!!!!  You just Anthropologized your wardrobe for less than $5!  Ooh and you look oh so classy!  DO YOU LOVES IT?

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