How to Make a Beaded Wreath

I was perusing the 90% off Christmas clearance aisle at Joann Fabrics and I came across these beady things.
I was not a big fan of the “too organgey to call it rust” color of the beads.  But at 90% off…
How could I resist?  Then I had an idea.  I got a styrofoam wreath out of my stash (originally purchased at Dollar Tree) and some floral pins that I inherited from my grandma’s stash and started wrapping the beads around the wreath tightly.  Every fourth or fifth wrap around I would pin a bead holding it all in place.
I made sure all the pins were in the back of the wreath so that they would all be hidden from the front.  I also made sure I ended on the back of the wreath as well.  Doesn’t it look gorgeous?
What?  No?  You don’t likey?  Then I zapped it with some spray primer….
Looking better…then I had some leftover glossy spray paint in Berry Pink from this project.  I gave her a once over with that.  Then I wrapped a pink satin ribbon around it and secured it to the wall with a thumbtack.  Then I made a bow and hot glued it to the tack.
Besides my totally undecorated walls and end table that desperately needs a skirt she looks kinda purdy.