How to Make a Pinata

I have made paperbag piñatas for my kids birthday for years.  This is such an easy craft idea and a great way to save money on birthday party piñatas.  Heck, they are so easy to make it would be fun to just make one for fun during the summer or for a back-to-school activity.  I have made a bunch over the years and it is always the first thing my son wants when we plan his birthday.  I utilize Google to find an image for each theme and print it out in color on white cardstock.



Paper Grocery Bag

Plastic Hangar

Packing Tape

Two rolls of crepe paper streamers

White cardstock



Sometimes it is easier to actually see someone show you how to do it in living color rather than just read it.  If that is you this video is right up your alley.  If you are also looking for a regular pictured tutorial you can view the paperbag pinata directions as well.

Have leftover ruffles from your pinata?  Make a simple ruffled streamers wreath .