How to Dye a Sweater (and a giveaway!!)

I bought this white cardigan sweater from Target on clearance for $5.74.   I thought that was a great idea since it retailed for $24.99 and I love cardigans.   However, I found it just sitting in my closet. I mean, I did try it on a few times, but it never actually left my closet. See, I have an aversion to white, probably due to a very embarrassing mishap while wearing white back in high school — nope, not going there friends. So I decided it would be the perfect recipient for a dye makeover.

white sweater

Rit Dye sent me their entire line of liquid dyes to try out. So I have enough dye to achieve any color you could possibly imagine.   Lately I have been drawn to green and coral.   Not together, of course.   But I do not own a stitch of green clothing so I thought I would attack my sweater.



One gallon of Hot Water

1 cup of salt

Liquid Rit Dye in Royal Blue

Liquid Dye in Dark Green

Mild Detergent




1. Using the Rit Dye Color Formula (fabulous resource for dying!)


I decided to go for this color #412.

rit dye greens2. I had to do a little math to figure out how much dye to use.   In the end I went for one bottle of Royal Blue and 1/2 cup of Dark Green mixed with a gallon of water and 1 cup of salt to help achieve a deep, rich color.   The Rit Dye site suggests adding salt when working with cotton fabrics.

sweater dyeing process

3.   I soaked my white sweater in hot water first and then squeezed out the excess water and immersed it into the dye bath.

4. I stirred it often on the stove (never letting the water boil) to achieve an even dye for one hour.

5. Then I rinsed the sweater until the water ran clear.

Dyeing is slightly scary.   I thought my sweater was pitch black.   But I kept going with the process waiting for the full dried outcome.

how to dye a sweater

6.   Then I handwashed the sweater following the directions for laundering on the label.

dyed green sweater

7.   I rinsed it well and let it air dry flat overnight.   In the morning I ironed it to set the color.

I love how the inside of the embellishments on the side didn’t die and turned grayish.   I think they kind of look like mini Christmas trees, perfect for the holidays.

dyed green sweater

how to dye a sweater

So what do you think?   It definitely is a sweater I can wear through the fall and winter now.   Nothing is safe from the dye in my house now.   I keep looking at anything dyeable as a potential for change.

Would you like to win the entire line of liquid dyes from Rit Dye also?


Leave a separate comment for each that you do below.

1.   Like Rit Dye on Facebook .

2.   Tweet out “I want to win the entire line of liquid @RitDye   on @infarrantly .

3.   Visit the Rit Dye site and tell me what is your favorite project they’ve done OR what you have at home just waiting to be dyed.

Want more dye inspiration?   Check out my friends who joined me in the Rit Dye Campaign.




  1. I like Rit on FB!

  2. I liked Rit Dye on facebook!

  3. I tweeted!

  4. I would love to win the dye line! I have a yellow dress that I never wear, but I would wear it all the time if it was burnt orange! I also have a friend that uses it it embellish onsies with necklaces and it’s adorable.

  5. I have some lace that I’m “dying” to dye different colors and make into colorful earrings!

  6. I Like them on Facebook!

  7. My favorite pair of jeans reallllly need a makeover! This would be fun to try!

  8. I would love to win this one! I would love to make an ombre dress.

  9. I like Rit Dye on facebook!!!

  10. I love the outfit you put together!

  11. I liked RIT on FB.

  12. love the ombre dresses and the zebra scarf

  13. I Like Rit Dye on Facebook

  14. I loved the dyed wicker baskets, I knew you could spray paint wicker,but I never thought about dying it

  15. Felicia Woodward says

    I liked them on facebook!

  16. Felicia Woodward says

    I never realized you could dye wood and wicker! But it makes sense, omg that opens a whole ton of new doors… I love ALL of the dyed wood projects!!

  17. I LOVE that sweater…and I want to know where you got the shirt you’re wearing. LOVE IT…seriously…I want one too…

    • I got it at Charlotte Russe. they have the best under cardigan kind of shirts perfect for hiding my “I had children” pooch.

  18. I like RIT dye on fb!

  19. Awesome! I’ve been meaning to buy some RIT dye ever since I saw someone dye their jeans darker. I have an old faded pair that I love but are way too light. Hope I win!

  20. I love the Vintage Ombre Dyed Slip Dress!

  21. I would dye scarves to match ALL OF MY OUTFITS!

  22. I liked RIT on facebook.

  23. I had no idea RIT can be used to dye wood and wicker. Would love to try dying wicker baskets.

  24. heidi young says

    I liked RIT on Facebook.

  25. Oh Beckie,

    Their ENTIRE collection? Seriously?? I would be in dying heaven!! I have used liquid RIT dye for more years than I can remember. I’ve dyed my hubby’s uniform t-shirts, bags, reeds/wicker for basket weaving, onesies, etc.

    Currently I have two pillows, a tablecloth, a sweater, and fabric for shopping bags just waiting to be dyed. I’ve been waiting on buying the dye until I had a little more time on my hands.

  26. I liked RIT on FB!

  27. I liked Rit dye on Facebook

  28. I would *LoVe* to make that Christmas tree card holder that you made but switch it up into an Advent Calendar. 🙂

  29. I tweeted about this as well!!

  30. I also tweeted about this. 🙂 I never win, so if I were to win this I’d be ecstatic! 🙂 Oooohhh the possibilities!! 🙂

  31. I love the matching aprons! I have had a project in mind that needs dye but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  32. I Like Rit on FB!

  33. I have a ruffly tshirt that I would really like to make a mauve color instead of white.

  34. I would love to make my own hand dyed yarns for crocheting!

  35. I would love to win this. I have a jacket that I love but the color looks terrrible on me. I really want to dye it. I have also wanted to try ombre with something. Maybe curtains for my daughters room.

  36. love the color of your sweater – it turned out great! I’d love to make something with an ombre or dip-dyed effect!

  37. The cardigan looks great! And so does the shirt you are wearing under it – the ruffles are so festive.

    I like Rit Dye on fb.

  38. I like Rit Dye on FB

  39. tweeted. and I love how your sweater turned out!

  40. Too many cool projects to really pick just one. However my kids love tie dye and they’ve got some cool new/mod versions I would love to try.

  41. i love the chartreuse green table they did- i had NO idea you could use it on furniture!

  42. Your sweater is AWESOME!!!!! What a great makeover!

  43. I liked Rit on FB

  44. I like rit on fb.

  45. i tweeted!

  46. Ok, I scrolled to see if anyone asked… didn’t see it…. Where did you get the top you’re wearing under the cardi? It’s really cute… and would hide my, ahem… baby pooch(okay, so he’s 2… but I’m still calling it that)….. Thanks! Btw… sweater is totally adorable! And I agree, it was a fortunate “accident” that the embellishments didn’t dye like the rest… cute!

  47. I loved the card projects, I never knew or imagined it was possible! Cool!

  48. Liked Rit on Facebook. Love the way your sweater turned out – love the ruffled shirt even more!

  49. My favorite is the clothespins. I have a whole bag that never gets used and would love to play with coloring them. I’m sure I’d find lots of reasons to glue them to things then.

  50. Would love to dye some pillow cases~ you have inspired me to dig around my closet too!

  51. I liked them on FB!

  52. I love their shibori dyed stuff, so pretty! I haven’t heard of that before.

  53. I liked their FB page.

  54. Love their Dyed Button Ornaments project!

  55. I tweeted the giveaway!

  56. Ok, I really just wanted to say you don’t even need “to go there.” happened to me too. ; ) ughhhhh….memories. I hate high school memories.

  57. Your sweater turned out great! I’m always worried my clothes are going to shrink up in hot water though!

  58. Wow. Loving the wicker dye projects. If I had the whole line I would start by dying my wedding brunch white dress some fun new color and then dye my sister’s wedding petticoat a fun blue for her something blue!

  59. I “like” RIT on FB 🙂

  60. I would like to try dying buttons for crafts (and paper as well!)

  61. I would love to win, I have a bunch of different pieces I can think of that could use a change.

  62. I liked RIT dye on facebook

  63. I tweeted
    (under reneebrick)

  64. I love color. . all colors. . .well except purple. I have some towels I want to give new life too. And I have this wooden table I want to try to use the dye on. . who knew you could use Rit Dye on wood and wicker?? Wow. Thanks for such a generous giveaway.

  65. Connie Haack says

    I like Rit Dye on Facebook

  66. Connie Haack says

    I tweeted the Giveaway

  67. I tweeted! Love the sweater!

  68. Connie Haack says

    I really like how your sweater turned out! I love the Newspaper Eco-Art on Rit dyes site. and Wow they have alot of great ideas. And alot of really great ideas here too

  69. I liked Rit dye on facebook!

  70. Liked rit dye on facebook

  71. I like the wreaths and tree skirt on their site

  72. I hate how quickly black jeans fade, I’d really like to try dying them instead of buying new ones.

  73. I like rit dye on FB!

  74. I have dyed onesies and then done freezer paint on them! They were too cute!

  75. April was in CT now CA says

    I’d start with a very simple but VERY needed dye job of my every day black pants that I’ve washed so much they’re more gray than black now. They could definitely use a pick me up! I’d also try dying a few of my shirts I rarely wear and a plain duvet cover that could use a little color.

  76. Heather Burdett says

    Like Rit on Facebook! 25 dyes… that is AWESOME!

  77. Heather Burdett says
  78. HEather Burdett says

    My first project- I have a lot of Thermal shirt I want to dye to upcycle into a project for my sister. ^^

  79. I like Rit Dye on Facebook

  80. I tweeted this giveaway

  81. I like Rit Dye on FB.

  82. I shared on Twitter.

  83. Awesome giveaway!!
    I love the dyed bridesmaids dresses, what a fantastic idea! I would use the dye to make my own colored paper and to dye my ugly old washed out blue bedding.

  84. I “liked” RitDye on FB!!

  85. I tweeted about the giveaway on twitter!!!

  86. I have a glider in baby pink that desperately needs a color change to fit into my son’s room! My husband banned the chair to the garage because it is so ugly. 🙂

  87. Great giveaway! I’ve got a white fleece jacket that’s looking dull and in need of a fresh new color. I never knew you could do so much with RIT dyes!

  88. your sweater looks awesome! I tweeted

  89. I “liked” Rit on FB! I could rule the world with all that dye!!!

  90. I like rit dye on FB.

  91. I love the dyed wicker baskets.

  92. I liked Rit Dye on Facebook!

  93. I tweeted! @Linskitchen

  94. I have many items of clothing I’d like to update with Rit Dye, including a white cardigan as well! I’d also like to try staining wood with some of the dye as well!

  95. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win! I really liked the idea of dying blocks. I recently started working with wood so that could be a lot of fun.

  96. I like RIT on facebook

  97. I like Rit Dye on FB

  98. I love the dyed corn husk Christmas trees. So cute! I’ve got some curtains I’ve been meaning to dye for a while. Hopefully I’ll get to that soon!

  99. Lisa Douglas says

    I “liked” Rit on FB already and I have a dozen or so white Tshirts that need some color!!

  100. I liked RIT on Facebook.

  101. Have you noticed that blankets only come in “vanilla” colors? Baby blue, cream or slightly sage are NOT my colors. I’d love to dye our blankets!

    • Oh my gosh i can totally feel your pain. I looked high and low for a coral colored throw. My mom finally found one visiting my grandmother in her nursing home and begged them for it. Isn’t that funny? I was totally thinking of dying one until she found this.

  102. I like Rit Dye on Facebook! Katie A-J

  103. I love the dyed button ornaments project!

  104. i liked them on FB

  105. i tweeted about the giveaway @GoodCleanFunPW

  106. i’d like to try dying a sweater too 🙂

  107. I “like” Rit Dye on Facebook!

  108. I love the dyed wicker baskets and have several at home on which to try it!

  109. I liked Rit Dye on Facebook.

  110. I love that you can dye wood and baskets. Such amazing ideas!

  111. I like Rit Dye on Face Book.

  112. I have several things that I would love to dye. I have recently become more aware of which colors actually look good on me, and my wardrobe needs a makeover.

  113. Drooling over this giveaway! I liked Rit on FB.

  114. I have a bunch of old clothes pins from my mom that I’d like to dye and attach magnets to for my teacher friends.

  115. its funny, i actually have the exact same sweater waiting to be died – i used the $4 coupon too on it!

  116. i like RIT on FB steph sweeper

  117. I like rit dye on Facebook!

  118. I’d love to dye some plain white onesies i have for my baby girl due in February!

  119. I have a white skirt that has been waiting for years (seriously.) for me to dye it! 🙂

  120. I would like to dye some clothes for me and my kids!

  121. I like Rit on Facebook:chacoyaguayo/livinginlalaland

  122. I have some plain curtains that could really use some RIT!

  123. Like RIT on FB!

  124. I LOVE the Dyed Extension Cord!
    have to make this one…

  125. Charlotte Glaves says

    what a great idea! I like Rit Dye on fb that’s how I found you, great projects, I have a skirt just waiting for new color!

  126. Tweet!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  127. I like the princess headband!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  128. I like Rit Dye on facebook.

  129. I really like the Chartreuse Dye-Stained Table. I didn’t know you could use the dye all these different mediums.

  130. I just liked Rit Dye on FB.

  131. I really like the paper flower wreath. Who knew you could use Rit Dye on paper!

  132. I liked Rit on FB!

  133. Ooo! The first thing that struck me was the eco-laurel leaf wreath from newspaper! I would have never thought you could dye newspaper! So pretty!

  134. I liked Rit Dye on FB.

  135. I recently dyed a vintage slip with Rit Dye and have become obsessed.

  136. I have a white striped blazer that I’d love to dye to Navy! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  137. I’ve got orange dye leftover from Halloween. I used it to make the kids’ pumpkin t-shirts. I also have black dye to do some of my black sweaters that have faded over time. Love RIT! Thanks!

  138. Julia Trefethen says

    Iliked them on facebook. Thanks for the giveaway!

  139. Julia Trefethen says

    I have a few pieces of clothes I would like to try to dye. Thanks for the giveaway!

  140. I liked them on FB

  141. Like Rit Dye on FB.

  142. I liked Rit Dye on Facebook. Thanks so much!! Oh, the possibilities!

  143. Love the slip dress and the outdoor tablecloth. Thanks so much!

  144. I love the Zebra scarf!!

  145. i’ve tried dying buttons with RIT and it worked great! i love it!

  146. i liked RIT on FB 🙂

  147. I like Rit Dye on FB!!

  148. I tweeted about the giveaway!!/evamscott

  149. I’d love to dye some onesies for my daughter!!

  150. I liked Rit on Facebook

  151. Like Rit on facebook

  152. I just remodeled my master bedroom and my next project is to dye my bedding (it’s white right now) to match the room better! A light purple/blue color…

  153. I liked them on FB

  154. The project I like on their website is the Eco-Laurel Leaf Wreath From Recycled Newspapers


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