Hot Button: Christmas Cards

Ok so this is the time of year when people who send Christmas cards are feverishly writing, addressing, licking envelopes, stamping, etc. I am starting to get mine ready to send. Having moved quite a few times we have quite the list. So I am trying to trim down the list. I know a few people who if they don’t get a Christmas card from you after two years, you get nixed. I know some who don’t send out Christmas cards, and some (like my mom) who take time to handwrite Christmas cards. I also know some who write four page Christmas letters, and others who send a store bought card and sign their name. I also know there are those who get a Christmas picture taken every year simply to send it out to all their friends and family.

Let me start by saying I love receiving mail. I get so excited every day to go out to my mailbox with the hopes of coupons, free samples, ebay purchases, etc. So at Christmas I get ultra excited to receive all the Christmas cards in the mail. But here is my pet peeve: People who buy Christmas cards to send and then just sign their name. This especially bugs me when I haven’t seen or talked to them in 10 years and that is all I get. I mean… seriously? Why waste the card, the time and the stamp simply for a card with a signature on it? To me, that seems pointless. If this is you, I am sorry. But you chose to click on my blog, thus giving me the opportunity to be opinionated 😉

I do love getting Christmas pictures and letters. I am not so much into the card as much as I am into cards where there are pictures. I don’t have a place I store the Christmas cards or letters. They pretty much see the trash pretty quick. However, I love getting pictures and seeing how people change and kids grow up. I have a magnet board dedicated to those Christmas pictures I receive and I hang them so I can see my friends all year round. I also love reading Christmas letters (as long as they are not more than a page or so) and hearing about all the new, exciting, frustrating, hard, and joyful times everyone has.

Next there are email Christmas cards, letters and pictures. What is your opinion of that? Since I need to slim down the list is it fair to email a picture and letter? I mean I could either email mine to some people or dismiss them all together. Because I seriously don’t have $50 in stamps in the budget to send one to everyone I want to. But then how do I choose who to email one to and who to send one to? I mean it seems almost a slap if I email one to you and then you find out I sent one to your neighbor. So is it fair to send one to only those who I receive one from?

So what am I? I am a Christmas letter and picture sender kinda girl. I especially love going to friends or families’ houses and seeing my mug on their fridge. It makes me feel loved and I know that I am thought about once in a while if I have made it to the fridge.

So what is your opinion?