Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

This Friday we are doing “Great Idea Day” at the Mom’s group I lead in my community.  Each woman brings with her a tip or trick that works for her.  It could be a discipline tactic, a favorite product, a great book, how to motivate your kids to clean, a great day trip etc. As I was preparing a few tips to share I thought why not host a Great Idea Day here at Infarrantly Creative!

Now I expect all of you to participate.  If you have a blog you have a great idea!  Come and share them here on Friday (oh and grab a button on my sidebar).

For now I will leave you with my all time favorite great idea.  Some of you may already know this but for others it will BLOW your mind. You are welcome in advance.

I loves foaming hand wash.  It saves me time when I wash mine or my kids hands because the soap is already in a lather. I simply hate the regular pump stuff especially when trying to clean a wiggly one-year old girl’s hands. Yes, you can buy foaming hand wash at the store.  But why not reuse a foaming hand wash pump and make your own for pennies?  I have been making my own for about four years now.

Start with an empty foaming hand wash pump and Goo Gone to get the label off…

IMG_0566{Mix one part of liquid hand soap with 5-6 parts water}

I used to use 6 parts water for years but I like 5 parts since having kids and washing my hands one beeeellion times a day, it seems to keep them more moisturized. I mix a big batch and keep them in gallon jugs under each sink.

IMG_1710 For Christmas I get all sorts of scents of the Bath and Body Works regular hand soap as a gift.

Sweet Pea ® Deep Cleansing Hand Soap - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body Works

Then I mix one of the soaps with 40 ounces of water and it lasts me at least 6 months!  I like to vary my scents so I have a different scent in each bathroom. 

I also do this with my Dawn dishwashing liquid.  I got the Dawn Direct Foam over a year and a half ago and now I just keep refilling it.


Foaming hand wash makes me smile…yes it is the little things in life.  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease join me Friday.

Disclaimer: After a while your pump will stop working and you will have to buy a new one, I guess they are not made to last forever.  Try and keep them as dry as possible, that helps.

Also use soap without any of the gritty beads in it.