Home Sweet Home String Art

For the past couple of years I have adored string art.  It has been on my list of things to try forever.  After perusing The Honaker Homemaker’s etsy shop I was finally inspired to give it a whirl.  Lauren has amazing work and amazing prices.  If you are looking for something unique check it out.  Before I lept and did this larger piece I tried just doing sone initials.  Check those out on Instagram here.  That gave me me the practice and confidence needed to make this.  It really is easier than I thought it was.  But it will take you some time. Now I am not a professional string artist but this is how I did it and I feel like my home sweet home string art turned out awesome.

home sweet home string art


Wood (mine was 13” x 18”)

pre-wood conditioner

stain (I used Classic Gray by Minwax)

4 boxes of 5/8” of linoleum nails (got mine at Lowes for $1.30 each)


1/16” drill bit


embroidery floss (I used 2 white, 4 blue/green, and 2 coral) 

Optional: Silhouette Cameo and vinyl

1.  Cut your board the size you want it.  Mine is a 13” x 18”.  Sand smooth and then apply pre-wood conditioner if you use a soft wood like pine.  Follow that with your stain of choice – I used Classic Gray by Minwax.

string art board

2. Next design your saying.  I used the Pacifico font for “sweet” and Abadi MT Condensed for “home”.

3.  Either cut out your design with a Silhouette machine and vinyl or print copies of your design and use tape or repositionable spray adhesive to hold it in place.

string art home sweet home

4.  Next pre-drill holes about every 1/4” – 1/2” apart around your design.  This saves you from getting your fingers smashed by trying to pound every nail in the right place.  This also makes your nails go in straighter.

home string art

5.  Remove the vinyl when all the holes are drilled.

string art

6.  Then just push your nails in place (have a cute little helper do this with you) and then hammer them in a little deeper.  Try and get them all at the same level.

nail and string art

home string art

7.  Then tie some embroidery floss on (yes I used all 6 strands) and go around the outer edge of your nails, like you are outlining it.

DIY string art

how to string art

string art diy

8. Then fill it in by wrapping your floss around the nails  There are no rules to this – just string until you like it.

home sweet home string art

string art

9.  I tried to end where I started so I could tie off the string there and then cut it.

10.  I used 2 white, 2 coral and then 5 of the variegated aqua color floss to complete this sign.

DIY string art home sweet home

I hung it in my mudroom.  I plan on showing you a final reveal of all the aspects of my mudroom soon, I promise.