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I have shared before how I use the Home Right Steam Machine to clean hard-to-reach areas and hard surfaces that need extra help to get sparkling again.  My absolute favorite place (if it is possible to have a favorite nasty place in your house) to use it is under the toilets where the seam is.  If you have little boys, or big boys with bad aim, you know what I am talking about.  And if you clean and clean your bathroom and it still smells like pee, I am TELLING YOU, try steaming under that seam. That is where is nastiness lies.  For real!

home-right-steam-cleaner-bathroom (1)

This time I tried it out on my oven.  Even with a self-cleaning oven, the door still gets grimy and doesn’t get cleaned during the clean cycle.  5 minutes (LITERALLY) with the Home Right Steam Machine and all the grime and grease was GONE!.





So I take a bath nearly every night in the winter.  It helps me relax, get warm before bed and decompress.  Every time I stare at this little gap between the bath and tub surround and it is gross.  It has like yellowish yucky mold in it.  I have even gotten a toothbrush in there, which definitely helps.  30 seconds with the Home Right Steam Machine and it is sparkling again.





The Home Right Steam Machine cleans a bunch of stuff like grills, grout, floors, bathrooms, etc.  However it can also remove wallpaper and can also steam clothes.

It comes with a bunch of attachments for all your steam cleaning needs. It is $79.99 on Amazon which is it a good price considering all the different things you can do with it.

SteamMachine included in box

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