Home Right Quick Painter

When you paint do you like to cut in with a paint brush or do you use one of those handy edger tools?  Well if you are in the latter group you will love the HomeRight Quick Painter Edge Painter .  It is similar to their Paint Sticks but this is used for edging around doorframes, window framing and ceiling edges.  So if you are not good with cutting in with a paint brush then give the HomeRight Quick Painter Edge PainterQuick Painter a try.


All you need to do is remove the pad and then stick your Quick Painter into your paint bucket, hold the trigger down and pull the rod to suck up paint.


Then reattach the pad.


To get the paint flowing to the pad simply press the trigger and paint. Note: You need to get the pad saturated in order to have perfect edged lines.  Also you need a light touch with the trigger in order to not release too much paint.  I would suggest practicing first before you attack an edge.


You can see the nice close painted edge.


To clean you remove the pad and press the trigger.  Push the pull rod in and then the paint back will go back into the bucket.


Then fill up your sink with water and while holding the trigger suck up water and then push it out until the water is clear.


Then wash the pad.


Reattach the pad and fill up the barrel with water again and then push the water out.


I know it seems like a lot of work to clean but it isn’t really that much harder than cleaning a roller or edger.

And for $10.25 at Amazon it is a handy little tool to have in your arsenal.


Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Home Right but all opinions are my own.