Hi…I’m High Maintenance

not in the complete sense of the word…but I am definitely a high maintenance orderer. See…I am a picky eater. I mean P-I-C-K-Y! Anyone who knows me well can attest to my pickiness. When I go to a restaurant I usually announce my high maintenance. We make a joke out of it and then the waiter usually laughs, and says, “No problem.” When I make light of the situation they usually become very nice and accommodating and I avoid them spitting in my food because I am needy. It will go like this…

Chili’s – Yes I would like the chicken tacos but instead of the ranchero chicken can I get grilled chicken? Great. Also I just want cheese and lettuce on my tacos, no sauce. And instead of rice and beans can I get corn and French fries?

Applebees – Yes I would like the chicken fajita roll-up with no pico de gallo, no mexi-ranch sauce but instead can I get regular ranch on the side and light lettuce?

Boston Market – Yes I would like a half of a chicken carver combo on white bread with just the chicken, cheese and lettuce. No sauce, no tomatoes. For my side I would like macaroni and cheese and can I get a lemonade with no ice?

Without fail (the last three times) they get my order wrong. They a) forget the lettuce and b) put ice in my drink. I go back and they are quick to remedy my problem. But if you are high maintenance like me you kind of expect errors because of my high expectations so you just let it go.

My poor mother and father spent countless hours, tricky tactics and plain, ole grounding, yelling and no treats after dinner to get me to eat. I just can’t help it. I once heard that picky people have bigger taste buds. I don’t know if that is true or not but I will blame it on anything I can.

But I have made strides…

1. My food can now touch each other on the plate.
2. I will try it if Tim thinks I will like it (I used to never try anything…in fact I had my first strawberry (that I can remember) when I met Tim.
3. I will eat things with mayonnaise in it. For some reason, the “fat in a jar” always scared me before. I haven’t attempted cole slaw or potato salad but I like chicken salad and this broccoli salad my aunt makes.

However, as much as I have prayed I just don’t think I will ever like vegetables. I choke them down with the whole chew it up fast, while holding my breath, and swigging it down with water tactic. It seems to work well. I know they are good for me. My mom says the veggies know I don’t like them so I don’t get any nutritional value from them. I just thought you should know about one of my many flaws in case you want to invite me over for dinner or something. Wink Wink!