Paint Shelf with Hidden Door

Last week when I showed you my DIY drop down ironing board I made for $20.  At the end of that post I left you hanging saying that you could hide the ironing board as well. Do you want to see what I did? I made the most awesome shelf for all my paints, dyes, and Mod Podge that is actually a secret door to hide my ironing board. {Squuuueeealll!}

hidden door shelf

hidden door storage

Isn’t it amazing???

Okay ladies and gentleman (I am sure there is one of you!) This week is craft studio reveal week! I am so utterly excited to show you the project that has taken over my life for the last three months. I had to start with my most favorite project in the room!  It is a thin shelf built out as a door to hide my ironing board behind it.  Dual purpose baby! And not as hard as you think to make.

Lowes Supply List:

(3) 1” x 6” x 8’

(4) 1” x 3” x 8’ 

(5) 1” x 2” x 8’ 

bead board 

(2) 3” caster wheel

shelf pins (Amazon)

paint and primer

(2) piano hinges 

miter saw

Kreg jig with pocket hole screws

jigsaw with metal blade

pegboard for jig to make adjustable shelves

cordless drill

air nailer

1.  My overall shelf is 82” tall x  33” wide x 5 1/2” deep. Cut your 1” x 3” sides the length you want.  Mine are 82” long.  Then I used a piece of pegboard I had lying around and a stop block (learn how to create one here) to create shelf pin holes on the sides so I could have adjustable shelves.

creating adjustable shelves

2.  Next I cut three 1” x 3” pieces to 30”.  Using my Kreg Jig I drilled pocket holes into the ends of those pieces and drilled them into the sides to create a frame.  If you don’t have a Kreg Jig you could screw them in place as well.

hidden shelf door

3.  Using my Rip-Cut and my circular saw I cut a piece of beadboard to fit the back and nailed it in place.

paint shelf door

4.  I then cut my 1” x 6” to size to fit around the outside edge of the frame I just created.  This allows for me to have the depth to make an opening behind it for my ironing board to fit in.

creating hidden storage door

5.  Next I created all 12 of the shelves by cutting both a 1” x 3” and a 1”x 2” to 30”.  I nailed the 1” x 2” onto the edge of the 1” x 3” making a lip so the paint bottles won’t all off.  I also added a 1” x 2” face frame around the sides, top and bottom.

6.  I added shelf pins and set my shelves in place.

shelf pins

7.  Then I patched all the holes, sanded it down, primed and painted it.


8.  After it was all done I enlisted one of my contributors Rex to help me hang it.  We added two casters with locks onto the bottom of the shelf towards the front of the cabinet.

caster wheels with locks

9.  Then he added a piano hinge onto the back left side of my shelf.  I ended up needing two lengths of piano hinge so he had to cut one of them down to size with a metal blade and jigsaw.

hidden shelf

10. Then we drilled the piano hinge to the wall, making sure to hit studs, with 3” nails.

piano hinge door

And then I hung my over-the-door turned wall mount ironing board in place.

hidden iron

I have to open the door carefully.  I mean I can’t swing it open with gusto.  The paint is held in place by the face frames (1” x 2”) on the front but I still open the door carefully to not disturb the placement of the paints.  However, for me, this was a great option.  I don’t iron frequently enough for it to always be out in the open and so hidden behind this paint shelf door was perfect for my needs.


In order to lock the door closed I just need to lock the front wheel on the bottom.



What do you think?  Is it crazy or crazy cool?

Total cost about $125


Disclosure: A big thanks to Lowes for providing me a gift card for this project.

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