Hershey Kiss Box {Easter Edition}

Well Easter is right around the corner.   I have a few last minute crafts to show you this week.   Of course I have an obsession with Hershey Kisses so I made another Hershey Kiss box — this time for Easter. This box is the perfect size for one Hershey Kiss (and the perfect size to take the edge off my sweet tooth). If you missed my Kiss Me, I’m Irish Hershey Kiss Box click here.   I have both the Silhouette machine file and a regular PDF for those of you who don’t own a Silhouette machine.


If you have the Silhouette machine this will be a print and cut project for you.   Super easy and perfect for stuffing in Easter baskets or passing out at work.   For those of you who download the PDF version get out your scissors and start cutting.

PDF Version

Silhouette Studio Version



I made the file easier this month thanks to one of my readers who designed it a little better for me.   All you need to do is fold it up and glue one edge now.   The tops and bottoms just tuck in.



Fold the bottom of the box up tucking in the last end. Add a Hershey kiss…


and tuck the top…


And a ribbon to the top and you are done.   A little white pom-pom would be cute to glue on the top too making it look like a bunny tail.


So what do you think?   Kind of adorable huh?   Let me know if you make one.   I love knowing when my hard work designing something is of value to you.   It doesn’t come naturally to me that whole designing stuff.


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