Happy Day!

Yesterday my honey and I were on an organization rampage. It was a blast. We were moving Isaac’s games to another closet when Tim decided to throw away the instructions to Chutes & Ladders.

Me: “Honey don’t throw those away!”

Honey: “What? “The directions to Chutes & Ladders?”

Me: ” Yah.”

Honey: “Do you think you are going to have a stroke and forget how to play? I mean, seriously it is Chutes and Ladder’s babe!”

For some reason I had the giggles all day from that. I thought it was so funny that I wanted to keep them. I mean how could you forget how to play that game?

On to new news: I have all the upper cabinets painted, the island mostly done, and I am starting the lower cabinets today. Slowly, but surely I am transforming my kitchen.

On to exciting news: Remember this post? Well I just wanted to let you know I fit into my “just fat” pants this morning. It is a Happy Day! The “fat” pants are next on my list. 🙂