Handmade Cloche

What is a cloche you ask?

Cloche (French for bell) may refer to the following:
Bell (instrument), especially in music directions
Row cover, a covering for protecting plants from cold temperatures
Cloche hat, a close-fitting women’s hat;hat worn by flappers in the 1920s
A restaurant’s bell-shaped cover for a plate of food, to retain warmth
A dome-shaped clay oven used for baking a single loaf of bread

Basically, they are the latest rage in home decor. I have been seeing these babies all over the place. Here is a website with a bunch for sale. But you know there is no way I am paying that! So where does that leave me? MAKE MY OWN OF COURSE!!! I have seen quite a few brilliant ladies make these so I have been keeping my eyes open for parts that could make up one.

So Thursday at Goodwill I found this hurricane lamp (without the rest of the base) for $.99.

This cute glass plate for $.99…

And this taper candleholder for $.25…

I had this little flat glass pebble…

I added a little of this…

And came up with this…

Stinkin cute huh? Not bad for $2.25! It measures about 11″ high and 6″ in diameter. Now I just need my Christmas decorations to add some little ornaments inside, or some berries or something festive. Maybe I could add acorns or cranberries for Thanksgiving. I will have to think about that one.

Here are a few ideas of things some bloggy peeps have done with them…Thrifty Decor Chick, A Soft Place to Land, Nesting Place, Nesting Place again.