Happy Halloween

Ok I know there are mixed views of Halloween among Christians. But can I just tell you I love it. I have heard all the anti-Halloween arguments. But I just don’t agree. I am so excited to dress Isaac up every year and go around trick or treating. I also think it is a great opportunity to build relationships with neighbors who don’t know Christ. Tonight we went over to our friends’ house (Danny & Jackie) and went trick or treating in their neighborhood. We talked to all their neighbors and walked around house to house just enjoying the beautiful fall night and listening to the gleeful squeals of all the dressed up children.

It was so fun and my little froggie did not disappoint me. He went to about 15 houses with his little friend Ruby and said bye-bye to everyone as he left. After about 15 houses Jackie and I realized we needed a different strategy in order to keep up with her older boys. So we put Isaac and Ruby in the wagon and wheeled them around. They were just content sitting with their buckets of candy trying to pry open the packages.

Here is the cutest little Tinkerbell you will ever see. Now I just have to refrain from eating all of Isaac’s candy. Not good to have that much chocolate in the house.