Halloween Hair: Pumpkin Bun

So in the midst of building mudroom lockers, and decorating my new home I have loved doing a few quick projects. We love Halloween in our house and I usually make the kids some sort of Halloween shirt or something for the month of October.  Kayla loves when we do fun and unique things with her hair.  In honor of the month of pumpkins we created a pumpkin bun and used some orange hairspray to make it orange.  It is so adorable and everyone has commented on how festive it is.  And believe it or not it is super easy do.

pumpkin hair tutorial



Orange Hair Spray

2 hair elastics

Hair Donut


Dritz Green Ruffled Elastic

bobby pins

garage bag with pull string handles



1.  We need to start by making the elastic “stem” of the pumpkin.  All I did was tie an overhand knot in a 9” length of the green elastic.

halloween hair

2.  I stretch it around a can of spray paint and then took 7” pieces of elastic and tied them near the other knot.  Easy peasy.  Then trim the tails.

halloween pumpkin hair

trimming pumpkin stem hair elastic

3.  To do the hairdo start with a simple high ponytail.

how to do a perfect bun

4.  Put the donut over on the ponytail.

DIY halloween hair

5.  Spread the hair out evenly laying it over the donut making sure to hide the donut and evenly space the hair.

halloween hairstyles

6.  Add another elastic over the hair around the donut.

halloween hair with a bun

7. Twist the hair around the bottom of the donut adding bobby pins to hold the hair in place.

the perfect bun

8.  Cut the bottom off of a plastic garbage bag and place the bag over your child’s head.  GASP! * Did I just say to place a garbage bag over your child’s head? *

orange pumpkin hair

9.  Pull the strings to tighten it around the bun so that just the bun is showing.

pumpkin orange hair

10.  In a well-ventilated area (a.k.a. outside) spray the orange hairspray on the bun.  Wait a minute between coats until you get the desired depth of color you want.

orange hairspray

orange hair bun

11.  Remove the bag, and after the hair is dry, add the green elastic making sure the ruffles are at the top.

pumpkin bun

halloween hairstyle

how to make pumpkin hair

So Joann Fabric & Craft Stores is hosting a campaign called Trick or Trick: A Halloween to DIY for! So tag your photos on any social media outlet using the hashtag #DIY4Halloween

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  1. What a super cute idea! I am going to share this post on my Facebook page right now!!


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