Halloween Dessert for Kids

During the holiday months, it seems everyone is making special treats and desserts. Halloween is no exception! Some of those fancy treats can be a little intimidating to try to make. So today Nat, guest appearing from My Sister’s Suitcase, is sharing a Halloween dessert that you can make with your kids. It’s delicious and simple enough for even young children to make with only a little guidance.  It looks frightfully delicious!


I found these cute plastic Frankenstein cups at Wal-Mart, and knew my kids would love them!
Here are the ingredients you’ll need for this silly and spooky dessert:
vanilla instant pudding
green food coloring
1-2 bananas
chocolate cookies or graham crackers
Green Apple Candy Corn (Brach’s brand)
Here’s the fun part! Let your kids help! I know, it’s hard to do sometimes. It’s hard to let them make a mess. But if you let go and just do it, it’s So. Much. Fun.
My daughter loved stirring up the pudding with a whisk and adding the green food coloring.

We used neon green food coloring and a little green gel coloring to get the right slimy color. 🙂 I like to put my kids in old play clothes or a paint shirt so I know I won’t stress about stains!


 I wanted to add a little bit of healthiness to this snack…so I had the kids practice their cutting (another way you can get them involved!) and added some sliced bananas to the bottom of the cup.

Spoon it in to fill up Frank’s head…
Make sure the kids approve. This guy sure did!
Another fun way for kids to help in the kitchen is with the cookie crumbs. I love using a small ziploc bag for anything that needs to be crumbled or mashed – the child can help and have fun with minimal mess! Mine love to squish up ripe bananas for banana bread.
Add the crumbs to the top of the pudding (we used chocolate graham crackers) and serve up your spooky Halloween dessert with some of “Frankenstein’s teeth” (Yummy Green Apple candy corn!)
Here’s to making messes and letting the kids help in the kitchen! Enjoy!
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