Guest Bedroom Makeover: Part 2 Wall Art

This is the inspiration fabric for my guest room makeover. I wanted something bright and colorful. This fabric is in the same collection as the Birdie Bag I made last week.

I found these three frames at a yard sale for $2 total! I obviously didn’t go for them because of the art.

But look at the frames. The color picks up on the dresser I just refabbed.

I took the pieces of art out of the frames and stapled the fabric to it with just a regular desk stapler.

Then I Windexed (that is totally a word!) the glass and taped the fabric covered art in place.

Simple simon! Art on the cheap…I love it.

Now I just have to finish painting the bedroom and hang these bad boys on the wall.

P.S. I vowed I would never decorate with the colors my mom does. I tend to lean towards blues, greens, browns and reds. She loves the bright colors like pink, purples, lime, turquiose, and magenta. I keep telling myself I must have chosen this fabric thinking of my mom because she stays in the guest room a lot. But maybe I am becoming like my mom in my old age. Next thing I know I will collect bird figurines and put towels over my chairs to protect them from wear. 😉