Guest Bathroom Decor

In our upstairs spare bathroom/future kids bathroom I decided to do a jungle theme. I figure if our children are boys or girls it would be okay to have monkeys, elephants and giraffes. Animals are unisex right? Isaac usually bathes in our downstairs bath since it is convenient for me. Eventually he will bathe upstairs, I think. In the meantime our guests enjoy the jungle theme. Well I wanted something cute but I don’t have a large budget.

Jungle Theme Shower Curtain $19.97 (Walmart)

2 Utility hooks $1.90 (Menards)
2 Animal Canvases on Clearance $7.94 (Joann Fabrics)

1 Lion Framed Print on Clearance $3.97 (Joann Fabrics)

One can of Behr OOPS paint $5.00 (Home Depot)

=$38.78 NOT BAD!

Follow that up with a basket (given to me) filled with free samples for the guests using and call it a bathroom.

I do still need some towels to match but that can wait until a screaming deal comes along. We have some pink towels guests can use in the meantime 🙂