Free Printable Grocery List Tear Off Pad

While many people have switched to the digital age for lists and such, some people still prefer handwritten to-do lists and grocery lists.  There is something so satisfying about checking something off your list when it is bought or done.  I was given a grocery list tear off pad for a gift about 6 years ago.  It has totally worked for me because all it takes is a quick checkmark on the list when I am out of something.  Plus my kids are of reading age now and they can use it too.  I created a custom list that you can edit to reflect your grocery needs.



Printable and customizable grocery list (26 copies)

cardboard (I used a cereal box)

paper cutter

scoring blade or bone folder


1/4” drill bit

2 screwdrivers

2 posts 1/4” x 3/8”

binder clips

super strong magnets

glue (I used E6000)


patterned paper

Mod Podge


1.  Using the template I have provided make a personalized grocery list in Microsoft Word.  Print out 26 copies.  (For some reason the check boxes didn’t print when I had my husband print them off for me, but they are on the file and should print okay for you). This will allow you to have 52 pages (one for each week).

2.  Using a paper cutter cut all the paper in half lengthwise.


3.  Next cut a piece of cardboard the same size as your pages (4.25″ x 11″).  Don’t be afraid to recycle old cereal boxes, etc.


4. Next cut another piece of cardboard 4.25” x 2”.  Then score it at 1 1/8” and 7/8” one the long side.  


Optional:  If you want a decorative border do the same with a piece of patterned paper or cardstock.  Then Mod Podge the decorative paper onto the cardboard making sure the score lines match up and that you burnish the sides down well.



5. Next take your stack of papers and line the sheets up by shuffling them even with the cardboard backer in place as well.  Then take your cardboard border and put if at the top of your pad securing it in place with binder clips.

5.  Using an electric drill, drill holes next to the blinder clips on both sides with 1/4” drill bit.  Don’t worry if the hole doesn’t look perfect.



I found the posts at my local hardware store for $.45 each ($.90 total for one pad).  They are called aluminum posts. Put the post in place and use a screwdriver to tighten the screw into the post.



7.  Flip the pad over and glue two super strong magnets onto the back of your cardboard.

8.  Then you can just rip off the page each time you go to the store and it will leave a fresh one in its place.  The cardboard gives just enough of an edge for a nice tear.


Optional:  Add a magnet strip to a pen to have easy access to a writing supply. 



I had everything on hand and printed my own lists on my laser printer.  But I am guessing they would cost you less than $2 a pad which makes a great neighbor, co-worker, or friend gift, don’t you think?



originally posted December 5, 2010.  I took new pictures for the repost!